AimBrain combines facial authentication with iDENprotect security software

November 9, 2017 - 

AimBrain has partnered with iDENprotect to combine iDENprotect’s software based hardware-backed security technology with AimBrain’s facial authentication module.

Under the partnership, the companies will provide enterprises with an integrated ‘device-plus-identity’ authentication solution to combat unauthorized systems access and fraudulent transactions without requiring additional security hardware devices.

“The partnership with AimBrain and its intelligent biometric solution creates additional contexts about the user, improving security and performance,” iDENprotect CEO Craig McDermott, said. “Combined with our superior authentication and trust technology, customers can be assured that their digital identities are being protected and organisations know who is accessing their systems.”

The combined technologies will help organizations achieve a more secure, faster performing and more convenient secure access technology.

“This collaboration creates a market-leading identity authentication solution, bringing together the best of iDENprotect’s highly innovative, secure and cost-effective authentication solution with AimBrain’s facial authentication expertise,” AimBrain CEO Andrius Sutas, said. “This enhanced level of security will flag fraud before it happens, and brings extra security combined with ease-of- use to the regulated target markets of both companies. We are hugely excited to be working with a similar, next generation technology company.”

Last month, AimBrain was awarded a UK patent for its technical process that enables greater accuracy in biometric authentication.

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