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Canadian-based DNA laboratory producing genetic art

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If you have watched CSI or CSI: New York, you have likely seen an image of a DNA strand during its opening credits. That is “genetic art,” which combines design, technology, science and pop culture.

Finally, the world can view the first genetic lab that has designed those amazing creations of biometric artwork that keeps millions enthralled: The Lab DNA 11.

For seven years, DNA 11 has amazed people by sequencing the DNA of specific customers and turning it into beautiful genetic art with combination of colors that explains its uniqueness. And there is no stopping them as they continue to demystify the world of genetics by combining state-of-the-art genetics with an in-house artistic team.

“Establishing a genetics lab in the middle of an art factory exemplifies the essence of DNA 11 – the melding of the two worlds of art and genomics,” said Nazim Ahmed, cofounder of DNA 11.

According to Ahmed, the laboratory “provides an inspirational space for artists and scientists to create truly remarkable biometric inspired products.”

The laboratory exercises total quality control over the art it produces. DNA 11 also serves as venue for the creative team to experiment on visualizing the building blocks of life.

“It’s our take on The Factory – Warhol’s famous midtown Manhattan studio,” said Ahmed.

DNA 11 is located in Ottawa, Canada, its global headquarters. Its production facility is in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Let us know – Would you have your DNA interpreted as a unique piece of art?

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