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UK Science and Technology Committee launch inquiry into use and collection of biometric data


The UK’s Science and Technology Committee has made an inquiry regarding the potential use and collection of biometric data, as well as whether or not the regulations in this relatively new field are sufficient.

So far, biometric technologies that help authenticate identity have mostly been used by the UK government for security purposes, such as safeguarding network access, anti-fraud measures and in different components of UK border security.

Meanwhile, commercial organizations are developing and implementing biometric data and technologies at a greater capacity, with some commercial uses making their way to the mainstream.

Though supporters of biometrics argue that technologies relying on biometric data have led to the innovation of identity authentication, others are concerned about its security implications, specifically in regards to data protection, loss of privacy and identity theft.

The inquiry aims to gain greater insight on whether the UK government should increase the use and collection of biometrics, as well as update regulations.

The Committee is requesting written submissions on the state of development of technologies using biometric data, specifically addressing the key topics of how biometric data can be applied in the future; the key challenges facing both government and industry in developing, implementing and regulating new technologies that rely on biometric data, as well as how these issues can be resolved; the effectiveness of current legislation governing the ownership of biometric data and which party or parties can collect, store and use it; and whether or not the government should be identifying priorities for research and development in biometric technologies.

All written submissions addressing these topics must be received by midday on September 26, 2014, and follow guidelines outlined in the Parliament.uk website’s report on this inquiry.

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