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Apple files patent to integrate fingerprint sensor into touchscreen display


Apple recently filed a patent with the USPTO that outlines a fingerprint sensor integrated in the actual display of an electronic device, which could ultimately provide a more seamless and dynamic form of biometric authentication, according to a report by Apple Insider.

Originally filed in August 2014, patent application #20150036065 describes the device display as being able to register the user’s fingerprint and working in a similar way to the existing TouchID-enabled home button of the iPhone 6/6 Plus, the iPhone 5s, the iPad Air 2, and the iPad Mini 3.

According to the patent description, the fingerprint-scanning display is able to register up to four separate prints simultaneously as a result of a thin fingerprint-sensing layer embedded with several sensors that is located either below or over the display of the device.

Apple said the technology could eventually be developed into “a full panel fingerprint sensor”.

The patent said that the user will be able to “simply press a finger onto an icon placed on the display for scanning related to a user’s ID”, which could potentially enable several different functionalities.

The filing is credited to AuthentTec co-founder Dave Setlak, along with Marduke Yosefpor, Jean-Marie Bussat, Benjamin B. Lyon and Steven P. Hotelling.

Previously reported, Apple was granted a patent for an iCloud-based fingerprint storage and cross-device syncing solution, a system that could potentially eliminate manually setting up Touch ID and power next-generation Apple Pay-enabled POS terminals.

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