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The advantages of integrating biometrics with workforce management solutions

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This is a guest post by Mohammad Shahnewaz, Senior Digital Marketing Specialist at M2SYS Technology.

With a decade of experience working with companies across all verticals, we have observed that the most successful optimize their systems to achieve maximum efficiency and achieve or surpass expected return on investment (ROI). In order to achieve expected ROI, companies need to ensure that every system and process is functioning accurately and in a timely manner. Workforce management is a clear example where many companies often struggle to ensure efficient time and employee record management.

Biometric technology can play a vital role to address these inefficiencies by establishing accountability and ensuring accurate employee record management. In this article we are going to discuss why integrating biometrics with a workforce management software solution is the best option to ensure efficient time and employee record management.

Accurate Time and Attendance Record Keeping

Workforce management time and attendance systems keep track of when employees start and stop working and in some organizations, tracking expands to monitor scheduled breaks. Using a manual pen and paper system for keeping track of scheduled hours can be a difficult task as well as prone to errors. Through the use of a biometric time and attendance system, the entire tracking process can become more efficient and accurate. Here’s why…

Eliminating Buddy Punching

The practice of one employee punching in for another to an attendance system is called “buddy punching.” Here are some recent statistics on buddy punching reported in a recent American Payroll Association (APA) study:

•The APA estimates that over 75% of companies lose money from buddy punching
•Employees reported stealing roughly 4.5 hrs. /week – the equivalent of a 6 week vacation over the course of a year
•Buddy punching accounts for approximately 2.2% of gross payroll losses

Since human biometric attributes are unique, it can be a very effective identification mechanism that is nearly impossible to fake or forge in a time and attendance environment. Biometric time and attendance eliminates the ability of an employee to punch in without being physically present effectively eliminating the possibility of buddy punching.

Faster and More Accurate Payroll Calculation

Manual payroll calculation through antiquated pen and paper based systems is not only laborious, but also time consuming and risky. With the help of biometric technology, payroll calculation can be automated and extracted within a few minutes. Integrating biometric identification management with a workforce management solution not only saves time, but also provides error free data for accurate payroll calculation. Biometric technology improves the operational efficiency of payroll calculation by providing error free data and timely data processing capabilities.

Improves Employee Accountability

Integrating biometrics creates concrete audit trails for employee workforce management time and attendance which improves responsibility and accountability. Since employees can be accurately identified and held responsible for late attendance and taking frequent, extended, or unscheduled breaks, they tend to become more responsible and accountable for time management, thereby increasing productivity.

Cost Reductions

Integrating biometrics with a workforce management system helps reduce an organization’s payroll and administrative expenses in a variety of ways. Since attendance data collected from biometric devices are error free, it saves unnecessary payroll costs that could be incurred by errors made through manual payroll calculation. Biometric systems also eliminate the cost related to produce and replace ID cards, personal identification numbers (PINs), and password issuing/renewal systems. Curious to know how much cost savings a biometric time and attendance system could bring to your business? Here is a ROI calculator where you can quickly calculate how much savings a company can make by adopting biometrics for workforce management employee identification.

Security and Convenience

Biometric employee time and attendance provides a higher level of security and convenience than any other system available on the market. Since an employee is identified by their own individual biometric attributes, they no longer have to carry around ID cards or remember complex passwords. A workforce management solution that has integrated biometric functionality can also forget about security concerns resulting from stolen or shared ID cards or passwords. Recently, many companies have also started using biometric single sign on solutions for PC logins to ensure a high level of network security.


With biometrics, it’s easy to ensure that employees earn pay for the actual hours worked. Whether your company has 50 employees or tens of thousands, a biometric based workforce management solution will provide more accurate attendance information, eliminate unnecessary payroll expenses, and reduce labor costs. It will also reduce operating expenses by eliminating the need for ID cards or badges —which can be a quick way to reduce expenses and add to your company’s bottom line. Plus, the use of biometrics for employee identification is proven to increase employee accountability, which directly leads to a boost in productivity.

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