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Sensory Inc. releases embedded speaker verification SDK


Sensory Inc. announced it has released an a la carte SDK for the new embedded speaker verification component of its TrulySecure technology platform.

OEMs are now able to embed Sensory’s new speaker verification component into a device to offer new functionality, such as enabling the user’s voice to be used to switch profiles, access specific data, or track conversations with personal digital assistants.

Sensory’s speaker verification technology provides an up to 96% accuracy rate in recognizing the correct user and 99.99% accuracy at rejecting imposters.

For less than ideal environments with more ambient noise, the technology offers an equal error rate (EER) of 2% or lower.

TrulySecure speaker verification component is designed to automatically identify and authenticate users based on their voice, offers support for multiple enrolled users, and can adapt to each user’s voice to ensure greater accuracy over time.

Using advanced noise-robust signal processing, the technology is able to deliver strong performance and accuracy in a wide range of environments, including outdoors and in moderate-noise.

Additionally, speaker verification can be combined as a modular component with TrulyHandsfree for ultra-low power always listening wake-up with ultra secure biometric authentication by using two independent verification methods.

“With TrulySecure, we have pushed the boundary on performance and text independent usage and because of the strong interest we have received, we decided to take the speaker verification component of TrulySecure and wrap it up into its own SDK for our customers to begin using,” said Todd Mozer, CEO of Sensory.

“What sets this technology apart, other than its incredible accuracy, is the fact that it can be incorporated into devices in either text-dependent or text-independent modes. So, depending on how it’s integrated by the manufacturer, a passphrase may be pre-determined, or left to the end user to choose, or the application may identify the user from their unique characteristics from random speech.”

Sensory’s SDK’s for the embedded speaker verification component of TrulySecure can now be downloaded for Android, Mac OS, Linux and Windows applications, with support for other platforms coming soon.

Social robot Jibo has signed on as the first customer to license the technology, which the company will use to monitor users in a room.

Sensory plans to integrate this new technology as part of the company’s TrulySecure biometrics technology offering.

Previously reported, Sensory Inc. released its VoiceDial application for Android phones and tablets, which uses Sensory’s voice biometrics based TrulyHandsfree technology to build and search the device’s contact lists by voice.

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