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Vision-Box ABC eGates system expanded at Aruba airport


The Aruba Airport Authority (AAA), manager and operator of Queen Beatrix International Airport, has expanded the Vision-Box developed biometrics passenger processing system at both the arrivals and departures gates of the airport.

The move comes nearly nine months after the launch of the airport’s Aruba Happy Flow pilot project, which became the industry’s first self-service passenger flow system.

Since its launch, the pilot has seen overwhelmingly positive results with passengers from 28 different countries heralding it as a unique contactless experience that ensures fast and convenient passenger processing, reduced waiting times and a more enjoyable overall experience.

The AAA will expand the Vision-Box-developed system with the installation of new Automated Border Control eGates at the airport in an effort to further streamline the flow of all passengers, particularly during the peak tourist seasons.

The ABC eGates in operation alongside the Aruba Happy Flow eGates at arrivals have already processed to date more than 130,000 passengers from 33 different countries.

In December, the airport introduced a dedicated ABC area for U.S. departures to accommodate the surge of American tourists visiting Aruba.

The new eGates are offering American passengers a seamless, queue-free immigration process, with more than 20,000 passengers having already been processed since its introduction.

For the Aruba Immigration Services (IASA), the new upgrade significantly enhances the airport’s security measures as the eGates provide common-use biometric passenger touch points and a software suite that integrates the entire infrastructure as well as monitors all passenger operations.

Integrated with IASA’s system, a comprehensive management platform allows operating officers to monitor all ABC eGates through a smartphone. Officers can supervise a range of activities, including all operations and passenger processing status, biometric captures, identification document security features and authentication response, results of background checks, and VISA status.

Additionally, the inspector software integrates data related to the previously announced digital Embarkation and Disembarkation card (ED-card), which can be easily completed by the passengers with the required information before their departure.

Once the digital document becomes mandatory, the ABC eGates will only clear those passengers upon arrival that have successfully submitted their ED-card, in addition to all the other checks already being performed.

“Having given stage to the first ever 100% self-service passenger journey, Queen Beatrix International Airport is having the privilege to feel what Aruba Happy Flow is about: happy, returning passengers,” said Jean-François Lennon, vice president for global business development and sales at Vision-Box. “Adding the recent expansion of eGates is just a natural step towards increased efficiency, safety and a welcoming passenger-friendly airport. At Vision-Box we are really proud to have embarked on this life-changing journey.”

Im related news, Viracopos International Airport installed Vision-Box’s automated border control (ABC) eGates at the end of 2015 and has already processing thousands of passengers during its first month in operation.

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