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Facial recognition expert joins Vigilant Solutions


Roger Rodriguez, a world-renowned facial recognition expert, has joined Vigilant Solutions in the role of Manager of Image Analytics.

Mr. Rodriguez joins the Vigilant Solutions team after more than twenty years with the New York City Police Department (NYPD). Rodriguez worked patrol and then later with the NYPD Communications Division and the Intelligence Division, conducting counterterrorism security assessments, educating on pre-incident terrorism indicators, briefing the Emergency Services Unit on intelligence-driven maneuvers, and providing dignitary protection to world leaders including the President, the First Lady, Benjamin Netanyahu, and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Mr. Rodriguez’ biggest contributions within the NYPD occured during the development of the NYPD Real Time Crime Center, specifically within the Facial Identification Section where he spearheaded the efforts in the deployment of the NYPD’s first dedicated facial recognition unit. His area of expertise is the enhancement of low quality images for successful use within the unit.

During his tenure with the NYPD, Rodriguez analyzed and enhanced thousands of images for high-profile criminal investigations resulting in many matches leading to arrests. His enhancement techniques are recognized worldwide and have significantly changed law enforcement’s utilization of facial recognition technology.

Hundreds of law enforcement professionals from around the world have visited the NYPD Facial Recognition Unit to learn from Rodriguez and put his expertise to use within their own agencies.

Mr. Rodriguez comments, “It is a pleasure to be working for such a forward-thinking company that is willing to learn from my experience and translate my techniques and knowledge into an off-the-shelf product that will allow law enforcement to better make use of this incredible technology in the identification and apprehension of dangerous individuals.”

Mr. Rodriguez will be co-presenting at the upcoming LEIU-IALEA and IACP LEIM conferences in a workshop entitled “Facial Recognition – Overview, Challenges, & Best Practices for Public Safety”.

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