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NIEM Biometrics Domain providing training at GIS

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The NIEM Biometrics Domain, under the stewardship of U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Office of Biometric Identity Management (OBIM), will provide NIEM and Biometrics domain training as part of the Global Identity Summit (GIS) in Tampa, Florida next week.

The Biometrics Domain supports information sharing and promotes interoperability between mission-based organizations engaged in activities such as homeland security, national defense, border management, immigration benefits and global law enforcement through the joint development and alignment of XML Biometric Standards.

During GIS, Biometrics Domain representatives will offer training designed to expand knowledge and awareness of NIEM as well as highlight the role of the Biometrics domain within NIEM and in the larger identity services community. Attendees will receive a domain update briefing from the Chair of the Biometrics Domain, Diane Stephens of DHS OBIM. Stephens will be joined by the domain’s Program Manager, Kamran Atri, who will present a domain overview and NIEM technical sessions. The Biometrics domain’s U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) Co-Chair, Will Graves, will also be available to answer questions relating to cross-agency harmonization utilizing NIEM.

Specifically, the training sessions will include: An overview of NIEM including the framework, mission, and goals; a review of recent activities associated with the NIEM Biometrics Domain including schema development; domain-to-domain alignment and harmonization as it impacted the recent NIEM 3.2 release; information related to available technical assistance, including working group and tiger team formation and utilization, and; a preview of the upcoming NIEM 4.0 major release.

This training session, to be held on September 19, will include additional technical material as well as a brief examination and demonstration of tools used to search attributes and work with NIEM. Speakers will discuss a number of topics including the rationalization for standardization of biometric exchange within operational settings, the current state of standardization within both policy-driven organizations and operationally focused mission-centric organizations. Speakers will also discuss the impact of the incremental release of NIEM 3.2 and what the next steps regarding NIEM 3.0 to 4.0 migration should be as related to practitioners and adopters.

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