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FIDO Alliance announces new round of FIDO certified products

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The FIDO Alliance has announced the latest round of companies to complete FIDO certification, which brings the total number of the organization’s certified products to 383.

Companies with newly-certified products include IoTrust Co., Ltd, ROWEM and SC TechOne Co., Ltd.

According to Adam Powers, FIDO Alliance’s technical director, the FIDO Certified program for functional certification provides assurance of compliance to FIDO standards.

The program has been a central component to achieving the Alliance’s vision for universal and interoperable strong authentication.

The Alliance’s diverse lineup of certified products gives service providers a range of options to roll out FIDO Authentication.

Companies receive certification after undergoing a multi-step process, which includes interoperability testing.

At these testing events, which are held approximately every 90 days, the Alliance is able to assess how organizations are innovating around the FIDO specifications.

Powers points out that the specifications for FIDO Authentication are authenticator-agnostic, which opens up nearly an endless number of possibilities for innovation.

Some examples of FIDO-certified authentication methods include touching certain points of an image on your mobile device or tablet, touching a button on a credit card to activate a special sound recognized by the website, and using fingerprint biometrics for a FIDO second-factor (FIDO U2F) implementation.

FIDO Authentication provides the flexibility for service providers to deliver a wide range of use cases to consumers, all of which are supported by FIDO’s strong cryptographic security.

The Alliance is also planning various new certification programs to accommodate new specifications, as well as evolving requirements for organizations implementing and deploying FIDO-based solutions.

Last month, ThreatMetrix partnered with Nok Nok Labs to deliver integrated strong FIDO-based authentication and risk-based authentication solutions to ensure improved security and reduced user friction.

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