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New wearable app connects SIC Biometrics’ devices and smart watches for field ID operations


IdentiFI products from SIC Biometrics can now interact with wearables through the new IdentiFI Watch application, enabling new use cases and workflows for mobile biometric identification.

The IdentiFI product line has previously interacted with smartphones, tablets, and computers, which act as the graphical user interface for biometric capture and other actions. With the new application, it can also be used for biometric operations in the field.

“A good example of a use case for the IdentiFI Watch is a police officer that need to identify a person that doesn’t have something to proof his ID. The officer starts it IdentiFI Watch app in a second, wake-ups its IdentiFI device and he is ready to capture fingerprint in less than 5 seconds,” explains Andre De Luca, the program leader on the new wearable product line of SIC.

In this case, the IdentiFI device and the wearable running IdentiFI Watch would both connect to the police vehicle terminal, while in other use cases the smart watch could communicate directly with a central matching system through a cellular signal. A smartphone or tablet can also play the role of the terminal, and in some offline scenarios, matching can be performed on a high-end smartphone. IdentiFI Watch runs on Google’s Wear OS and Apple’s watchOS.

“We are very happy and excited to finally had time to go-live with the IdentiFI program and have SIC helping the US law enforcement community. For 2017 and 2018 SIC engineering efforts were concentrated to develop and manufacture 6 new products in collaboration with a biometric and ID global organization to create the next generation of capture solutions for hi-volume programs,” stated Eric Talbot.

The goal of providing options for mobile users to make field operations faster and safer is a key driver of investments by SIC, which says it invests an unparalleled percentage of its revenues into biometric and ID innovation.

SIC Biometrics just launched the IdentiFI-30 and IdentiFI-50 with Integrated Biometrics’ fingerprint sensors at Connect:ID 2019.

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