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Biometric digital identification initiatives by country

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Biometric Update offers a comprehensive directory of digital identification initiatives in developing nations to assist information-gathering by government employees, companies in the digital identity industry, and other stakeholders. Countries identified by the World Bank as developing nations with large unidentified populations are included, along with their main identity system, additional ID projects, the vendors supporting efforts in the country, and remaining number of people without legal ID. Please contribute to the directory by emailing us.

Digital identification programs by country:

Country – Main ID System – ID Project Partners – Estimated number of people remaining unregistered (World Bank ID4D dataset 2018)

Afghanistan – e-tezkera – DERMALOG (Elections) — 11.98 million

Algeria – Biometric national identity card (CNIBE) – Gemalto (ePassports) – 4.73 million

Bangladesh – National ID (NID) Card – CrossMatch (Elections), Veridos (ePassport) — 53.19 million

Burkina Faso – Carte d’Identité Nationale Burkinabè (CNIB) (Non-biometric) – Gemalto and Innovatrics (Elections) – 6.38 million

Cameroon — Carte Nationale d’Identité (CNI) – GenKey and Veridos (Elections), Gemalto (ID Cards) – 10.23 million

Columbia — NUIP (Número Único de Identidad Personal) / National Civil Regsitry of Columbia (RNEC) – IDEMIA (RNEC) – 0.19 million

Democratic Republic of Congo — National identification number (NIN) (Non-biometric)/ Voter ID Card – Neurotechnology and Gemalto (Elections) – 33.36 million

Cote d’Ivoire – Carte Nationale d’Identite (NNI)/Certificate of Nationality – Morpho (Elections), Zetes (Health Insurance), Gemalto (Passports), IDEMIA (AFIS)[World Bank] – 10.11 million [NEW!]

Ethiopia – Kebele Card (Non-biometric) – 69.38 million [NEW!]

Gabon – e-ID/National Biometric Identification System – Gemalto (CRVS, Visas and Border Control) – 0.67 million

Guinea — Carte Nationale d’Identité (Non-biometric) – Gemalto — 3.33 million

India – Aadhaar – Mahindra Satyam, Morpho, L-1 Identity Solutions, CrossMatch (Aadhaar) – 161.91 million

Indonesia — Kartu Tanda Penduduk (KTP / e-KTP) – L-1 Identity Solutions, HP, Topaz Systems, Biomorf (e-KTP) – 22.42 million [NEW!]

Iraq – National Card – Veridos (eID Cards) – 0.15 million

Kenya –- Huduma Namba – IDEMIA (Huduma Namba) – 8.96 million

Malawi — National ID Card – Laxton (National Registry) – 4.06 million

Mali — NINA / Numéro d’Identification National – Oberthur Technologies (ePassports) – 4.25 million

Mexico — Clave Única de Registro de Población (CURP) / Unique Population Registry Code – Oberthur and Suprema (ePassports), Veridos (Elections) – 3.74 million

Morocco — NIEC / National Identification Card – Gemalto (ePassports) – 9.57 million

Mozambique — Bilhete de identidade (Identity Card) – Laxton (Elections) – 12.05 million

Nigeria –- NIN – Papersoft and Integrated Biometrics (Financial Inclusion), SmilePass (Health Insurance), IDEMIA (NIMC/NIN ABIS) – 140.47 million

Pakistan –- Computerized National ID Card (CNIC) – NADRA – Mastercard (Financial Inclusion) – 76.54 million

Senegal — National ID Card – IRIS Corporation (Cards), Zetes and Lumidigm (Visas) – 4.61 million

Somalia -– none (Non-biometric functional only) – 11.74 million [NEW!]

South Sudan –- National ID (NID) – 6.89 million [NEW!]

Uganda — National ID Card – Gemalto (Border management), Veridos (ID documents), Smartmatic (Elections) – 21.79 million

Zambia — National Registration Card (Non-biometric) – Veridos (e-ID), Ingenico and Paycode (Agricultural subsidies) — 9.89 million [NEW!]

Zimbabwe — National Registration Card – Laxton (Elections) – 7.03 million

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