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Biometric Update regularly writes news about United Nations. The following list of links is available to assist you with finding biometrics news about United Nations. More topics may be perused by reviewing our entire Biometrics Topics list.


Global lessons from digitally identifying the poor for health in Cambodia, India, Rwanda

Digital technologies help in the development of health schemes, according to the findings of a new publication from the WHO….


WFP accelerator selects biometrics, digital ID integrators for pandemic preparedness

A World Food Programme accelerator scheme for digital health startups aimed at better pandemic preparedness has selected one that integrates…


Cops in 5 nations see a way to use facial recognition safely and effectively

Privacy advocates willing to consider giving police facial recognition tools have said they would support it only if certain policies…


UNECA and African experts urge civil registration to enable good governance

Data for planning and the importance of ID management were two of the intended key topics to be discussed at…


Charting cooperation for inclusive, trusted digital public infrastructure at the UN

Digital cooperation and the building of resilience through safe, trusted and inclusive digital public infrastructure anchored one of the forums…


UN Human Rights Office warns biometrics and digital ID among surveillance tools raising risk

Growing surveillance in public spaces is possible to an extent beyond all previously possibilities due to digital identity systems and…


ID Day coalition grows by 45 percent, new slogan adopted

September 16 will be the fourth International Identity Day, and marks a significant jump in the numbers of organizations supporting…


International Identity Day an opportunity for knowledge sharing for Idemia

September 16 is International Identity Day, in recognition of United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal 16.9. The Goal is to provide…


Nigeria, Rwanda progress in national childbirth registration programs

Countries around the world appear to be making some progress on their efforts of meeting the United Nations Sustainable Development…


Start small, test, and iterate: legal ID delivery advice from OpenCRVS engagement lead

Civil registration and vital statistics registries are critical tools for governments to understand the populations they are trying to serve;…

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