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CyberLink’s FaceMe AI-based engine integrated in AIoT iHospital service platform

CyberLink’s FaceMe AI-based engine integrated in AIoT iHospital service platform

CyberLink has partnered with iMedtac to equip its Smart Medicine Cabinet with AI facial recognition technology to boost security for pharmaceutical management, the company announced.

iMedtac’s Automatic Dispensing Cabinet leverages IoT and facial recognition technology and is part of an AIoT iHospital service platform. The smart cabinet is a critical component of the iHospital platform because it ensures the protection and safe delivery of controlled substances which normally require the supervision of at least two pharmacists responsible for the key and passcode.

By integrating CyberLink’s FaceMe, the device uses facial recognition to identify authorized medical personnel for frictionless access and drug delivery workflow. It can be synchronized with work schedules and access authorizations for precise control.

“The rapid growth of AI technologies, enables innovation across multiple facets of healthcare, driving breakthroughs in treatment, safety and the quality of patient care,” said Dr. Jau Huang, CyberLink’s founder and CEO. “The integration of FaceMe AI facial recognition engine into iMedtac’s smart medicine cabinet is a good example of how AIoT solutions can drive transformation of the medical industry and deliver safer, more efficient and better care.”

“By implementing CyberLink’s FaceMe AI facial recognition engine, iMedtac’s Automatic Dispensing Cabinet brings AI and IoT technology into medical care, enhancing the safety of prescription drug delivery,” said Ken Yu, iMedtac’s founder. “iMedtac strives to provide the latest medical technology and solutions. Cooperating with CyberLink, we are able to build an integrated iHospital service platform and drive change to the global smart healthcare market.”

iMedtac’s smart medicine cabinet has been adopted by a number of medical facilities in Taiwan, and future plans include making the device available to other countries around the world.

CyberLink founder and CEO Dr. Jau Huang recently joined the Intel Edge Computing Solution Summit where he discussed the benefits of edge computing and how it facilitates AIoT use cases, showcasing the company’s FaceMe AI-based engine. To develop its facial recognition engine, CyberLink uses edge-based technology and AI which reduces costs, enhances flexibility and delivers real-time response.

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