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Biometrics industry seeing higher demand and adapting technology to help outbreak mitigation

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telpo biometric facial recognition with mask

Biometrics is one of the industries singled out as experiencing a surge in demand due to the coronavirus pandemic by Research And Markets.

Facial recognition is being pitched by technology providers as a contactless alternative to fingerprint scanners in many cases, the market research vendor says, singling out Dermalog and Telpo. Companies are also adapting facial recognition software to work with masks.

Research And Markets pointed out 30 industries seeing demand increases from the pandemic, with biometrics third on the list.

New technologies, implementations, certifications and pilots related to the outbreak continue to be announced.

Remote fever detection from Digital Barriers

Digital Barriers has launched a remote real-time fever detection and remote monitoring offering featuring both HD and thermal cameras to help safeguard frontline workers against viral infection.

The new EdgeVis Live technology provides reliable temperature detection and profiling at a distance, even with poor bandwidth and network connectivity, according to the announcement. The thermal camera measures body temperature, which can indicate fever, and sounds an alarm if the threshold is exceeded.

“Protecting key workers has never been more vital and we’re pleased that EdgeVis Live, our resilient live streaming capability, can play a crucial role in remotely identifying potential carriers of any likely infection, thus safeguarding those we are relying on most as well as the wider public,” states Digital Barriers CEO Zak Doffman.

The technology can be deployed as a standalone system or integrated into a network, and is recommended by the company for hospitals, primary care clinics, pharmacies, chemists, warehouses, distribution centres and commercial buildings.

Regula partners on elder support app

Regula has partnered with Spanish companies Kuvu and Squareetlabs to create the free COVIDA app to help organize social support systems for vulnerable elderly people to practice self-isolation during the pandemic crisis.

The Regula Document Reader SDK is integrated to verify the authenticity of volunteer’s IDs early in the registration process to ensure the safety and security of all users. The application connected more than 1,000 volunteers with nearly a thousand elderly people within a week of its launch. Many of those registered live in the Canary Islands, and the government of the Canary Islands supported the application’s development.

Further assurance on Yoti ID for retailers

Age estimation and contactless ID technology from Yoti is now approved by the Primary Authority team for Yoti at Buckinghamshire and Surrey Trading Standards in an Assured Advice update, which reinforces the Association of Convenience Stores (ACS) guidance on authorizing purchases of age-restricted items, according to a company blog post.

Stores and their customers can use the Yoti app to perform privacy-preserving age checks for legal compliance, while preventing the contagion risks of sharing a physical credential. Yoti digital ID can also be used for online alcohol purchases, though the Mandatory Licensing Conditions (MLC) that govern alcohol sales prevent Yoti from being used for an in-store purchase of alcohol.

The blog post also lists the various certifications, audits and features that can assure retailers that their legal obligations are met.

SuperCom quarantine compliance technology piloted

SuperCom has shipped equipment for a pilot of its coronavirus citizen quarantine compliance technology. The company says it has received urgent inquiries from governments around the world for people-tracking technology and that the urgent pilot could be an important step towards rolling it out to help slow the spread of the coronavirus.

The PureCare smartphone and PureTag ankle bracelet from the SuperCom PureHealth product suite have been shipped to support a trial of two operational modes, one with only a smartphone for low-risk cases, and one also incorporating the ankle bracelet for higher assurance.

“World reports clearly demonstrate that governments are implementing various secured boundaries restrictions for their citizens. We are proven partners with governments around the globe having successfully delivered our proprietary identification, verification and tracking products for over 30 years. These are high profile projects, helping our clients leverage advanced technology to protect their nations. We recognize the importance that time has on containing COVID-19, the PureHealth platform is ready for deployment, and we are doing our best to help the global community fight this pandemic,” comments Arie Trabelsi, president and CEO of SuperCom.

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