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Infinity Optics wins Frost & Sullivan innovation award for QuantumCrypt biometric hashing technology

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Infinity Optics wins Frost & Sullivan innovation award for QuantumCrypt biometric hashing technology

The QuantumCrypt biometric cryptography platform from Infinity Optics has been recognized with the 2020 Global New Product Innovation Award from Frost & Sullivan. QuantumCrypt eliminates the need to store traditional biometric templates, the company says, which enables low-cost and highly secure user verification for Internet of Things (IoT)-based applications.

“The QuantumCrypt platform allows iris, fingerprint, and 2D/3D facial images to generate biometric codes, also known as True Biometric Hash technology. These codes act as key management solutions, such as blockchain-based identity. Its technology for biometric cryptography enables easy verification of users at any given point during a transaction, which makes it more secure as the registration can be easily revoked if the data is found to be compromised,” explains Frost & Sullivan Industry Analyst Nandini Bhattacharya in the press release. “The solution also ensures that the user identification process does not rely on stored biometric information, and is therefore not likely to be compromised.”

Infinity Optics suggests that QuantumCrypt is ideally suited for use with cloud-based biometrics and authentication processes. The company also offers its Extended Depth of Field iris technology for capturing images at a distance of between 150mm and 600mm with a single element lens and a proprietary biometric recognition algorithm. In addition to iris recognition, QuantumCrypt works with fingerprints and 2D face images, and Infinity is working on 3D facial recognition.

“Infinity has taken the biometrics industry forward by transforming the way biometric authentication has traditionally been achieved,” Bhattacharya notes. “The EDOF technology by Infinity makes iris recognition solutions much more user friendly, thereby creating huge opportunities for mobile device-based applications where mobile phone cameras can be used for iris recognition. As Infinity is developing QuantumCrypt solutions for 2D and 3D facial recognition, it is expected to unlock the potential of facial recognition biometric solutions in mobile and IoT-based applications across numerous industries, smart homes, smart cities, and connected cars.”

The Frost & Sullivan Best Practices awards recognize the demonstration of outstanding achievement and superior performance in areas including leadership, technical innovation, customer service, and strategic product development. The awards are decided on through a comparison of market participants with in-depth interview, analysis, and extensive secondary research, the consulting and market research firm says. The New Product Innovation Award is presented each year for the development of an innovative element in a product by leveraging leading-edge technologies, and recognizes value-added features or benefits of the product which improve its appeal for customers.

Infinity Optics partnered with Precise Biometrics to collaborate on the development of a product for recognizing hashed fingerprints last November.

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