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Corsight AI launches real-time facial recognition that identifies masked faces

Corsight AI launches real-time facial recognition that identifies masked faces

Corsight AI has launched a facial recognition solution that has the ability to speedily and accurately identify persons, bypassing obstructions to clear facial view such as face coverings and bad weather.

The system is powered by Autonomous AI, which the company says is the world’s most advanced artificial intelligence system, and backed by more than 250 patents.

Corsight AI announced that its new facial recognition technology surpasses the human brain’s ability to register and accurately identify individuals, regardless of whether they are wearing a protective face mask or other covering, whether they are in low-light or extreme weather conditions, or if photos are taken at acute angles or of large crowds.

The biometric solution is camera and hardware agnostic, can easily fit into any existing security system, and allows for a more accurate and comprehensive detection of identifying features, according to the announcement.

Rob Watts, Chief Executive Officer of Corsight, said the new product meets their prime objective which is protecting people from harm. “We have developed a silver bullet with this technology, proving that facial recognition technology is a force for good. From helping identify dementia patients to protecting victims of domestic abuse, our technology, thanks to its speed and accuracy, can help change not only how organizations currently leverage facial recognition, but how society perceives it, too. We want to change the narrative surrounding the technology and help demonstrate how community-based deployment can be positive for all,” said Watts.

Corsight’s new technology can also help local law enforcement, transportation and government agencies, airports, retail outlets, and banks analyze long videos in just minutes using forensic video analysis, the company says.

The biometric technology is also said to have overcome the difficulty which existing facial recognition systems have in accurately and quickly identifying faces wearing masks. Face masks are generally worn in public places in many countries as part of measures to contain the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

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