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VinCSS new flagship fingerprint biometric security key certified for FIDO2 passwordless authentication

VinCSS new flagship fingerprint biometric security key certified for FIDO2 passwordless authentication

Vingroup subsidiary VinCSS has had its fourth biometric security technology certified to the FIDO2 standard for passwordless, on-device authentication, the company announced.

The VinCSS FIDO2 Fingerprint security key is the new flagship product in the line, and VinCSS Director of Sales and Marketing Steve Sidhu tells Biometric Update in an email that it is intended for both the consumer and enterprise markets in Vietnam and around the world. The device features Bluetooth and NFC connectivity and a unique form factor the company says is suited to attaching directly to a mobile device.

“In terms of device unique form factor, VinCSS had to carefully consider many factors relating to size, shape and positioning to ensure its attractiveness and practicality on the smartphone,” Sidhu writes in the email interview. “The advanced version has magnetism (so can only work with phones that have a metal case), and the normal version uses 3M glue (can work with any kind of phone).”

The form factor addresses the problem of people hesitating or forgetting to carry the key, the company says, and also acts as a phone stand.

The product was fully developed from Vingroup’s ecosystem, in line with the domestic IT industry’s “Make in Vietnam” initiative, with the research and development, board design, and firmware development all taking place at the VinCSS R&D Center and industrial design, mass production and finishing carried out by Vinsmart.

In the past 12 months, the company has also received FIDO2 certification for its VinCSS FIDO2 Touch 1 key, the VinCSS FIDO2 Server and VinCSS FIDO2 VOS key on Vsmart phones. VinCSS FIDO2 keys were recently added to Microsoft Azure Active Directory’s list of approved authenticators.

“Our motto is ‘Practical Cyber Security Services,’ and we noticed that FIDO2 standards help build practical strong authentication methods for end user (better experience), enterprise (more security and lower cost) and online service providers,” Sidhu explains. “This will naturally drive the market now and in the future from current authentication methods to FIDO.”

Sidhu says VinCSS sees big growth opportunities for FIDO2 technologies both in the domestic Vietnam market, and globally.

The company is planning to build other FIDO2 authentication products on its platform to implement other form factors such as smartphones with fingerprint sensors, wearables, and smart door lock and smart automotive systems. To that end, the company has an ambitious roll-out plan for 2021, including launching a ‘soft FIDO2 key’ to Apple and Google app stores, and a VinCSS FIDO2 Cloud service for businesses.

VinCSS is now looking for global partners to advance passwordless biometric authentication.

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