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SIA report: global increase in biometric border security and digital travel ID use

Report lays out future of identity management for border security and travel
SIA report: global increase in biometric border security and digital travel ID use

The Secure Identity Alliance (SIA) has published a comprehensive report on the future of identity management for border security and the role that biometric technology will play.

Strong Identity, Strong Borders provides detailed insights into various techniques and tools including biometrics, automation, and mobile solutions. The report is further enriched by a set of global case studies that examine the various identity management solutions that are currently in use, over the course of 52 pages.

In addition to this, the report lays out the various biometric tools and techniques currently used by border security agencies around the globe. Solutions include automated eGates, high-speed biometric face matching and feedback, and multi-modal biometrics. In a section providing a framework for border security with a subsection on biometrics, the report addresses concerns over biometric spoofing and regulatory issues such as privacy and data handling laws in.

SIA predicts that solutions such as ACI’s SmartSecurity and IATA’s One ID are signaling a global shift towards increased biometrics and mobile ID use and integration between, airports, passengers, and border security. Consequently, the main driver of the increased use of mobile ID solutions will be greater mobile availability and capacity thanks to 5G networks. Other emerging solutions to watch include improved passport chips, digital travel credentials, and health passports.

SIA Chairman of the Board and Idemia VP Philippe Barreau stated, “Before COVID-19 took hold, international passenger volumes were set to double over the next 20 years. While it may be some time before we see a return to those pre-pandemic levels, demand will inevitably surge again. When it does, border authorities will once again need to address the dual challenge of safeguarding their country whilst also ensuring that global travel remains as convenient and accessible as possible.”

“While there is no universal framework for success in border control,” says SIA Border Working Group Chair Michael Brandau, “there are certain processes and considerations that can help to ensure that any authority is as well prepared as possible. One of the things that we want to highlight through this report is that while every country’s border control needs are unique, continued innovation means that there are an ever-increasing number of solutions to those challenges.”

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