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World-first post-quantum biometric passport security demonstrated by Infineon, partners

A security controller made by semiconductor developer Infineon Technologies protects biometric and demographic data held in an e-passport from both…


Regula providing ID document verification for biometric onboarding by UBS

The document verification capability used by Switzerland-based UBS for customer onboarding is provided by Regula, the company revealed, among details…


Biometrics trusted for payments at World Cup, passports to get there

Biometric passports continue to make headlines with market activity, with Idemia launching a demo passport for ‘Abroadia.’ PopID is bringing…


Combining biometrics with NFC for maximal trust

A better way to carry out identity verification is becoming available for a growing number of people as passports embedded…


Idemia rolls out new demo passport ‘Abroadia’ with innovative security features

Idemia has announced the launch of a demo passport with the imaginary name ‘Abroadia’ coined from the word ‘abroad’ to…


Nigeria, Portugal plan to improve biometric passport, residence permit issuance services

The government of Portugal has unveiled plans to soon make the renewal of residence permits for aliens automatic, provided they…


Biometric passports launched in Switzerland, milestone for Kyrgyzstan

Switzerland has launched the latest version of its distinctive red biometric passports, and Kyrgyzstan registered 3 million biometric passports issued….


Hire the right people to be in the facial recognition loop to dramatically raise accuracy

Choosing the right humans to be in the loop of facial recognition decisions, and utilizing them in the right workflow…


Stolen passport photos, fraudsters and facial fusion technology pose a threat to national security

By Vladimir Arlazarov, PhD, Smart Engines CEO Not all leaks of personal data are equally dangerous. When data from online…


Law on biometric documents issuance passes first reading in Belarus parliament

Members of the House of Representatives of Belarus have given their first nod to a draft law which seeks to…

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