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Biometric access control launches, deployments indicate booming market

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Biometric access control launches, deployments indicate booming market

HID Global, Anviz and ZKTeco USA have all launched biometric access control technologies in the form of scanners for the first two and software for the latter, while Biosite and Invixium deployments have been revealed in the busy application area.

HID Global

HID Global has added fingerprint biometrics designed to be tolerant of imperfect real-world conditions to its line of HID Signo Readers, along with an API for easy integration with access control solutions from the company’s partners.

HID Signo Biometric Reader 25B enrolls each user’s fingerprint template at a convenient device, which is then pushed out to other devices in the network.

The fingerprint biometrics built into the device is tolerant of wet, dry, dirty and worn fingerprints, which are typically difficult to accurately scan, using HID’s patented multispectral imaging technology, which reads the subdermal skin layer. The devices also provide biometric liveness detection for protection against spoof attacks, and is paired with HID Biometric Manager software for reader configuration and management, plus support for 1:1 or 1:N matching.

The new reader also supports popular contactless credential technologies, including Seos, iCLASS SE, iCLASS, MIFARE (Card Serial Number) and HID Mobile Access virtual credentials. NFC and Bluetooth are also supported out of the box.


ZKTeco USA has launched security software application ZKWatch to combine access control and video management with intelligent analytics, according to a company announcement.

ZKWatch can be licensed on its own, or purchased pre-loaded onto its own server appliance, which supports up to 10 doors and 10 cameras. Features for administrators include remote door operation, access permissions configuration, and intelligent video searches from what the company describes as a single, user-friendly interface.

The company recently partnered with Securitronics to integrate its biometrics and temperature screening technology with the latter’s access control systems.


Anviz has launched FaceDeep Series to provide touchless access control with body temperature measurement to improve the safety of reopening workplaces amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Noting the Centers for Disease Control guidance on the importance of access control for safe workplaces, Anviz has introduced the FaceDeep Series 5 and FaceDeep Series 3, both of which connect to its cloud-based software platform.

The FaceDeep Series 5 is designed for personnel control in public areas, with IP65 durability for outdoor use, biometric verification within 0.3 seconds and a capacity of up to 50,000 users, and long-distance and multi-point temperature measurement. The FaceDeep Series 3 is intended for SMB time and attendance tracking and access control, with support for up to 6,000 users and integrated CrossChex Cloud software for reduced management costs.

In addition to facial recognition, each also includes a mask detection algorithm the company claims is 98 percent accurate.

Anviz also offers value-added integrations through its SDK and APIs, and support for developers and channel partners.


Robertson Construction has deployed a contactless biometric access control solution from Biosite for seamless check-in, check-out and fever screening processes for staff of its worksite at the UK’s National Robotarium, according to Scottish Construction Now.

The construction company has installed the Biosite Facial Recognition system at entry and exit points of the workplace and all staff are made to go through the check by having their facial scan matched against that held by the workforce database. The system records the work data of staff in order to enhance health safety and compliance, and conducts mandatory body-temperature checks before access is allowed.

The system requires no PIN or other secondary authentication factor, and completes biometric matches in less than 0.2 seconds, according to the report.

“We were looking for an effective access control system that would enable us to easily and accurately track critical workforce data,” explains Richard Cairns, senior project manager at Robertson Construction for Central Scotland East. “It was also crucial for us to have a non-contact system to comply with site safety guidance in Scotland, and that would meet our own stringent safe operating procedures in relation to the ongoing concerns around COVID-19. We have used facial recognition systems previously, but Biosite’s solution means we can capture and monitor workforce information whilst providing a contactless entry system with the additional reassurance of fever screening.”

Joe Gribben, business development manager for Scotland at Biosite Systems Ltd, stated it was important to get a system that respects specific site safety guidance in Scotland.

“Having a biometric access control system enables contractors to check health and safety and competency information, such as whether workers have up-to-date qualifications and have completed their induction training before entry to site is granted,” he said. “The system also helps safeguard against issues such as modern slavery, as the use of biometrics means you can link a worker’s facial template to their qualified biographic profile and know who’s on site at any one time.”


Invixium’s IXM TITAN with Enhancement Kit has been integrated into the access control system of PPG, a global paints and specialty chemicals manufacture, to enable accurate temperature screening.

In a statement, Invixium said integrating its solution means PPG will drastically cut down on the cost which it used to incur because it hired security agents to carryout manual fever screening for its workface.

Apart from saving approximately $40,000, which PPG said it spent monthly on manual temperature checks, the deal with Invixium will ensure faster shift changes within the company and the keeping of accurate records of persons with elevated temperatures for appropriate preventive actions to be taken, the statement notes.
“Invixium offers a portfolio of really impressive products. These are exciting, relevant solutions that LRC is proud to offer customers like PPG who need a modern solution to a problem we couldn’t even imagine having two years ago. Working with Invixium, LenelS2 and PPG’s in-house team, we were able to create a system that met every need PPG had,” said Jacob Brown, Sales Executive at LRC Wireless, the Invixium partner that installed the solution for PPG.

High-security data center LightEdge Solutions, meanwhile has selected IXM TITAN to protect its high value assets from theft and ensure secure check-ins for data center staff and visitors, according to an announcement.

The move is part of LightEdge’s effort to provide a consistent biometric security application for quick and secure access control for both employees and visitors.

The solution is deployed at all seven LightEdge data center locations in the Midwestern United States.

“LightEdge requires uncompromising security. Biometrics help us ensure the high level of accuracy we demand from our access control system. Our direct relationship with Invixium provides us with tailored support from a company that’s large enough to support our needs, but also intimate enough to be very personal. Standardizing on RS2 and Invixium helps us ensure that our system upholds our values of high security, modernness and futuristic design,” said John Martin, Director of Data Center Operations at LightEdge Solutions.

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