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Innovatrics upgrades ID document scanning, talks expansion in Guinea and Middle East

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Innovatrics upgrades ID document scanning, talks expansion in Guinea and Middle East

The national police in Guinea Conakry are deploying the Automated Biometric Identification System (ABIS) from Innovatrics as part of their efforts to better identify criminal suspects using fingerprint biometrics as well as digitize the force’s paper records.

The firm has meanwhile announced improvements to its document auto-capture system, increasing flexibility for document capture angle.

Innovatrics also recently showcased its face biometrics solution SmartFace 5 at the 23rd edition of Intersec which took place last month at the Dubai World Trade Center, with its chief sales officer (CSO) discussing potential for market growth for the facial recognition solution especially in the Middle East.

ABIS to facilitate criminal justice in Guinea

According to a blog post by Innovatrics, the deployment of its ABIS by the Guinea police force since December in the first stage of their collaboration has helped in reducing the time for identifying criminals from hours to just seconds.

The system also allows for easier enrollment of new biometrics records into the database, can notify authorities of matches when new fingerprints are loaded, and has an adjudication platform for side-by-side forensic expert analysis of potential matching fingerprints.

“The automatization brought by ABIS will shorten the time needed for identification from hours to seconds, and it will be made available to all police stations in the country,” said Juraj Stubner of Innovatrics, who was in charge of delivery of the system.

Per the blog article, the deployment will be done in two phases. The first entails the deployment of fingerprint scanners for easier identification of criminals and the digitization of all paper files, while a facial recognition component for remote biometric identification by officers on the field will be added in the second.

Innovatrics says it is also helping in training police personnel to enable them better use the equipment.

“This system allows us to make police work extremely more efficient… The accuracy of biometrics allows us to prevent judicial errors and will greatly help us in administering justice,” said Abdoul Malick Kone, general director of the National Police in Guinea.

ID document processing capability upgraded

Users of Innovatrics’ ID document scanning mobile SDK for Android and iOS will henceforth enjoy increased customer experience as well as security improvements, according to an announcement from the company.

Going by the announcement, users do not have to place their IDs strictly inside the rectangular frame to set off the document auto capture function all thanks to increased flexibility regarding the capture angle. With the upgrade, a user’s ID can be captured no matter how the document appears in the frame.

Innovatrics says it has also made a major update to its NFC Android and iOS mobile libraries enabling reliable active and passive authentication of RFID-supported machine readable travel documents (eMRTDs).

The company says the new feature can read information under Data Groups 1, 2, 6, 7, 11, 12, and 13 via NFC-enabled smartphones, and enables the extraction of high-quality JPEG facial portrait of the document holder, which results in higher biometric verification accuracy.

The updates will soon be deployed in its Android and iOS demo apps.

Innovatrics’ SmartFace 5 features explained

In an interview on the eve of Intersec 2022, Peter Martis, the CSO of Innovatrics spoke about their SmartFace 5 automated security solution which was demonstrated at the three-day event in Dubai.

Responding to a question on why the Middle East is a key focus for their face biometrics solution, Martis said: “The Middle East has a lot of experienced professionals in security that understand the need for highly automated, fast and flexible security platform. Middle East is also a hub for testing new pioneering technologies and putting them to good use. The feedback from the professionals then allows us to introduce new features that are made specifically for them, as we have shown in the biometric border control systems we have installed in the region.”

On SmartFace 5, Martis says the solution was developed with pre-emptive security in mind, and can process several different video streams from most types of cameras (on-body, smart glasses, CCTV) and search a history of face detection for specific faces.

Martis also mentioned the major area of concern for customers interested in security technology saying they would prefer to go for systems like theirs which has “the ability to automate most functions, so that the security personnel is alerted and can focus only on security incidents.”

“Our system is analyzing any number of video streams in real-time, giving personnel the possibility to focus only on the really important events. Moreover, with the ability to search the history of detected faces without reprocessing entire video stream shortens the timespan for investigating incidents,” he adds.

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