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Credence ID launches handheld biometric scanner and updates fingerprint SDK


(Credence ID ECO-Identifier Credit: Credence ID)

While global supply chain issues continue to cause headaches for digital hardware manufacturers, Credence ID says its new ECO-Identifier biometric identification and verification device is in abundant numbers to bypass the problem. The Oakland, California-based company also updated the Android OS for its CredenceTWO and CredenceTAB devices with Credence ID Device SDK v5.5.

Credence ID ships new biometric readers despite electronics shortages

Credence ID has announced that its new handheld fingerprint verification and identification biometric devices are ready for the market in plentiful numbers despite a worldwide shortage of electronic parts due to a supply chain crisis.

The company’s ECO-Identifier biometric reader features a GMS-certified Android 11 operating system, a quad core processor, an FBI-certified FIPS 201-compliant PIV thermal-capacitive fingerprint capture sensor, and a dual-interface contact and contactless smart card reader. It also comes with a 4G cellular modem that Credence says is at a price-point that is unavailable in other products to date.

“Launching a new high-performance Google GMS certified platform and having inventory within these difficult supply-chain constraints is nothing short of miraculous,” says Bruce Hanson, president and CEO of Credence ID.

Credence adds that the ECO-Identifier was developed to answer a growing need for a cost-effective biometric platform that is open to software and algorithms while being robust. The biometric device is also connected to many biometric matching algorithms and CredenceCONNECT, the company’s end-point mobile device management software for identification, biometric and credential reading devices.

Credence updates OS to SDK v5.5 with fingerprint API and biometric algorithms

Credence has also overhauled its OS to match Android Pie 9.0 for its CredenceTWO and CredenceTAB devices alongside an upgrade for its Credence ID Device SDK to version 5.5 with optimization and security improvements, new fingerprint APIs, and additional biometric algorithm providers.

The new Credence ID OS sports improvements to the CredenceTWO modem power management when booted without a power supply; aligns the serial number reported by the device OS with the one linked to CredenceCONNECT; corrects a Windows file transfer issue on CredenceTWO; and includes Credence ID Device SDK v5.5 and CredenceCONNECT Mobile v5.5 as system.

For the SDK v5.5, it adds support for the CredenceECO device and enables the EPassport/MRZ scanner library to support Android 9 on CredenceTAB. The SDK update makes changes to its API that allow calibration of the CredenceECO integrated fingerprint reader, returns the device hardware information if available, and deprecated a ‘OnFingerprintGrabbedListener’ callback with a recommendation to use the ‘OnFingerprintGrabbedNewListener’ callback instead due to constraints on the SD card file access on Android 10.

The update also includes more biometric algorithm providers. Innovatrics’ and Neurotechnology’s fingerprint and face matching algorithms are said to be available on all devices, and VisionLabs’ Luna Face SDK is open for the CredenceTAB and CredenceTWO. The Credence ID Fingerprint algorithm is also made available on CredenceECO as a beta version with APIs that enable features like PNG to WSQ conversion and template matching. The Credence ID Fingerprint provider can be used for testing and development purposes, but is not yet recommended for use in the production stage of a project.

Credence says the CredenceTWO and CredenceTAB should be updated to Android Pie 9.0, as further OS updates will not be provided for older versions.

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