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Pricing plans for SMB biometric onboarding, compliance services launched by ComplyCube

New features added by Kycaid, Persona, Veriff as CycurID reaches app stores
Pricing plans for SMB biometric onboarding, compliance services launched by ComplyCube

ComplyCube has overhauled the pricing model for its SaaS digital identity verification to help serve the anti-money laundering and Know Your Customer requirements of small and medium-sized businesses.

New pricing plans for AML and KYC services include ComplyCube’s selfie biometric checks, ID document proofing, and frictionless data-led identification, according to the company announcement. New plans include ‘Essentials,’ with a no-commitment pay-as-you-go model that ComplyCube says offers more features than other PAYG offerings, and a ‘Premium’ plan for growing businesses seeking a complete fraud deterrence and customer onboarding toolkit.

“With 2 out of every 3 customers approaching us being an SMB, it made perfect sense to craft pricing plans that fit their needs,” says Cristina Martinez, business partnerships manager at ComplyCube. “What we learned is that the overwhelming majority of businesses surveyed and interviewed want access to a battle-tested, globally compliant AML and Identity Verification platform that delivers a great ROI, without introducing liability to their cash flow.”

CycurID app reaches public availability

CycurID’s imme app, referred to by the company as a ‘KYC passport’ when it was previewed, has reached its live launch, and is available for free download from the Apple App and Google Play stores.

The company says imme provides closed-loop encrypted identity verification with a proprietary, rather than third-party, software.

CycurID COO and Co-founder Gordon Jessop says the recent history of data breaches shows that companies and regulators need to rethink personal data requests, storage and sharing.

“Our goal is to create a digital marketplace that is safer, faster, and more accessible for both businesses and consumers,” Jessop explains. “From authenticating and verifying, to purchasing and digitally signing WEB3 digital transactions, the CycurID solution is redefining how identity will be used to advance the exchange of goods and services on a global basis.”

Kycaid adds liveness checks, Persona fraud protection, Veriff address checks

Ukraine-based Kycaid has launched a biometric Liveness Check solution to enhance its KYC and identity verification offerings.

The presentation attack detection capability detects deepfakes, 3D masks, pre-recorded images and other fraud tools with image processing and motion detection.

Document and liveness checks can be deployed for basic identity checks, or combined with proof of address and funds for higher-confidence checks. Kycaid also offers identity verification through video for maximum confidence.

“Know Your Client” (KYC) regulations require a high level of confidence in the security efforts businesses turn to. That is why biometric liveness detection is vital in almost every identity verification solution on the market. KYCAID takes that a step further,” says Mykola Mashkovskyi, CEO of Kycaid.

Persona has partnered with SentiLink on an initiative to combine the former’s identity orchestration engine with the latter’s application fraud solutions.

Customers can access SentiLink’s API through Persona’s decisioning engine with minimal effort, according to the announcement to augment their selfie biometric onboarding, KYC and AML, or age verification processes.

“Identity is incredibly complex, dynamic and constantly evolving,” says Rick Song, CEO, Persona. “In order to accurately assess risk, you need context and a holistic approach that harnesses signals from multiple systems. Our partnership with Sentilink is part of our ongoing commitment to build the most comprehensive identity platform in the market.”

Veriff has launched an automated proof of address feature to reduce address checks to less than 10 second, according to a company announcement.

Documents like credit card statements, driver licenses, and utility or phone bills that include the customer’s physical address can be scanned for automatic data extraction to address what CEO Kaarel Kotkas says is among “the greatest friction points in clients’ onboarding flows” to meet regulatory requirements.

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