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Edge AI options expand with appliance partnership, Innovatrics facial recognition toolkit

Edge AI options expand with appliance partnership, Innovatrics facial recognition toolkit

Innovatrics has launched a new facial recognition toolkit for edge devices and smart cameras. Gorilla, Lanner and Hailo are also working on improving computer vision at the edge. They have joined forces to develop an advanced edge AI appliance that they say provides high video analytics performance at a lower price point.

Innovatrics expands SmartFace Embedded line

Innovatrics has released the SmartFace Embedded Toolkit, a new facial recognition SDK that makes it simpler to create embedded face recognition solutions and apply neural processing units (NPUs) on intelligent cameras, edge devices and AI boxes.

According to the company, the SmartFace Embedded Toolkit assists with biometric operations such as face detection, template extraction, liveness checks and matching at the edge or on any smart camera.

Innovatrics says the SmartFace Embedded Toolkit is a lightweight library and solver that enables developers to quickly and easily integrate facial recognition technology into embedded platforms or edge devices, such as smart cameras, glasses, AI boxes, access control terminals, kiosks and wearables.

Other modalities will be added later this year, such as person detection, person attributes and object detection. Company executives say this technology offers hardware savings, eliminating the need to purchase servers and networks.

The SmartFace Embedded platform for edge deployments was launched by Innovatrics in January.

Gorilla, Lanner and Hailo join forces to develop edge AI appliance

Meanwhile, Gorilla Technology Group Inc has partnered with Lanner and Hailo to develop the E-300 Edge AI Appliance, which combines AI-based edge video analytics, IoT technologies and cybersecurity. The appliance provides high video analytics performance at an affordable price point, Gorilla says.

By leveraging the combined expertise of Gorilla, Lanner and Hailo, the companies say the E-300 can handle up to 24 channels of real-time video analytics streams with an entry-level CPU where the usual limit is 4.

“We believe this comprehensive solution will expedite the adoption of video analytics and streamline Edge AI deployments at scale,” says Gorilla Chief Innovation Officer Dr. Rajesh Natarajan.

According to Gorilla, the E-300 technology is an integrated solution that offers efficient edge video analytics with easy integration, deployment and cost/power efficiency. It underwent testing as an AI Appliance preloaded with Gorilla’s Intelligent Video Analytics Recorder (IVAR) to ensure it meets technical specifications.

The company says the PCIe AI acceleration card (Hailo-8 Processors) integrates into the Lanner IPC, LEC-2290H and eliminates the need for customers to expand hardware capabilities.

Lanner Chief Technology Officer Jeans Tseng adds: “As Gorilla’s long-term AI Appliance partner, Lanner shares similar values of high-quality performance with a customer-facing approach. We are excited about the breakthrough our two companies produced, and we look forward to our technology partnership lasting for years to come.”

Late last year, Innovatrics collaborated with Hailo to develop facial recognition solutions for public security and access control, featuring on-edge or on-chip processing for real-time accuracy. SmartFace Embedded from Innovatrics was configured to support Hailo-8 chips and up to 6 video streams in parallel. The company says this technology provided biometric performance similar to a GPU in a regular server.

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