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Regula upgrades biometric and document scanning to provide complete protection

New ID document scan product from Ondato, deals for AuthenticID and OCR Labs announced
Regula upgrades biometric and document scanning to provide complete protection

Regula has updated its biometric and document verification products to provide a complete solution for advanced identity fraud prevention.

The company sponsored an online survey which found that 40 percent of organizations consider the complexity of the technical environment a barrier to deploying identity verification solutions. Nearly as many are concerned about managing and maintaining their IDV technologies.

Updates to Regula’s Document Reader SDK and Face SDK make them natively integrated, the company says, for faster and simpler implementation. Together, they allow organizations to verify users’ selfie biometrics against the photo included on an ID and embedded in its RFID chip.

The company says its technologies perform a comprehensive set of authenticity checks, including comparisons of photos on ID documents that are visible in ultraviolet light, and NFC-based verification.

The interaction for biometric checks has also been improved, according to Regula, to speed up the process.

Ihar Kliashchou, chief technical officer at Regula, says that “the effectiveness of fraud prevention strongly depends on the quality and quantity of IDV solutions and their components. The more separate technologies and products that need special configuration there are, the more chances that some parts of the IDV process could be neglected. That is why we’re also witnessing a strong demand for a single-vendor solution when it comes to identity verification. The one-stop shop approach gives more control and assurance of the process, so we develop our solutions to be in line with this tendency and to empower our customers with the highest possible standards of identity verification.”

Ondato breaks out OCR product

Ondato is now offering its OCR engine as a stand-alone product for other digital ID vendors to build into their own solutions.

The technology can be used to identify and capture relevant personal information from identity documents during onboarding, the company says. It can read and digitize 10,000 different documents in less than a second with accuracy as high as 99.8 percent, according to the announcement.

“We know the challenges other ID vendors have when training their OCR engines to perform accurately across multiple languages and scripts, and a never-ending tide of new document templates,” says Ondato CEO and Co-founder Liudas Kanapienis. “Ondato’s in-house AI- and ML-powered OCR specialises in ID documents, unlike OCR from other providers, and is now best-in-class. It gets more accurate every day and without human interaction automatically learns new document types based on pre-existing logic. Our technology is so flexible that we can add new documents or characters in just two weeks and instantly achieve over 90 percent accuracy. We are now opening up this solution to any organisation, including our competitive market. We believe, that quality of service provision in KYC is crucial as we all work with a vision to make digital world a fraud-free space.”

Ondato says its technology can read QR codes Visual inspection zones (VIZ), PDF417 barcodes, and MRZ (Machine readable zone) encrypted information, in addition to different languages, alphabets, and special characters from around the world.

Document scanning deals

AuthenticID has been selected by CentralAMS to provide the latter’s gaming and gambling clients with ID document verification software.

The deal allows CentralAMS to offer its clients KYC and sanctions checks, along with fully homomorphic encryption (FHE) biometrics, through its Identity Orchestration solution, the partners say.

OCR Labs is supporting the launch of a new ‘MvineID’ service for the UK B2B market with identity verification checks the partners say are fast and affordable.

Mvine will offer Right to Work, Right to Rent and DBS checks with OCR Labs’ ‘Zero Bias AI’ selfie biometrics with liveness detection and ID document verification technologies.

OCR Labs was certified to the UK’s DIATF last year.

Shufti Pro will hold a webinar on ‘AML Regulatory Compliance & KYC Practice from an Enterprise Perspective’ on March 30, 2023, with guest Jeremy Platts, managing director of J Platts Consulting Ltd.

The webinar will explore the landscape around identity theft and terrorism financing, trending threats, compliance changes, and protection from ID fraud.

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