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Smart Engines upgrades document scanning for high accuracy in digital data formats

Smart Engines upgrades document scanning for high accuracy in digital data formats

An upgraded version of Smart Engines’ artificial intelligence-based solutions for scanning ID cards, driver’s licenses, passports, credit cards, barcodes, accounting documents, and KYC questionnaires has been released.

The company’s three product lines are Smart ID Engine, Smart Code Engine and the Smart Document Engine SDKs, and the update now allows its technology to accurately recognize data from 2,511 ID document types and 3,907 templates from 230 ID issuing authorities.

According to an announcement, the Smart ID Engine upgrade comes with a reduced error rate of up to 23 percent for machine-readable zone recognition.

The company says that the upgrade to the Smart ID Engine SDK includes the addition of a passport RFID chip presence information feature to enable those scanning passports to quickly identify if a passport contains a biometric chip or not.

It also includes 27 new features which were not supported in the previous version of the solution, which now makes it possible to scan other ID documents such as the Central African Republic ID card, the voter’s cards of Bhutan and Mozambique as well as the firearm and residence permits of North Dakota and Vanuatu respectively.

Following the upgrade, the French ID card can now also be read with an error reduction rate of 5 percent, while the data matrix code on the back side of the new version of the ID can be read with an error reduction rate of 35 percent.

Smart Engines further discloses that 45 new ID documents subtypes have been added, including documents from Australia, China, Republic of Korea, Finland, and the United States, among others.

Meanwhile, the upgrade to the Smart Document Engine solution has seen the full-text recognition speed increase by five percent.

Smart Engines recently announced that it was granted a U.S. patent for a document scanning system that uses smartphone video cameras.

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