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Maximize workforce efficiency with multimodal biometrics

Maximize workforce efficiency with multimodal biometrics

Maximize workforce efficiency with multimodal biometrics
December 5, 2023 at 2-3pm EST

Outdated time and attendance systems are costly and cannot accurately keep track of time worked due to many factors, including buddy punching. With a dual factor biometric authentication time clock, organizations boost ROI by eliminating time theft, buddy punching, and costs related to fixing old machines, replacing lost badges, and resetting PINs. Biometric authentication solutions are more hygienic, save money and time, and let HR management focus on more important tasks. With the right software, biometric timeclocks can also help manage related issues including vacation requests and scheduling regulatory training.

Iris ID invites you to join Mohammed Murad, Vice President Global Sales and Business Development, as he explores the benefits of multimodal biometric authentication for time and attendance as it relates to workforce management efficacy and cost efficiency.

You’ll learn:
– How to upgrade existing time and attendance systems to integrate hyper-accurate iris and facial recognition biometrics for a highly secure authentication solution.
– The benefits of the IrisTime iT100 solution, specifically for the elimination of time theft, buddy punching, long enrollment periods, manual record keeping, and more.
– Why leading T&A suppliers, such as Information Controls, Orange Enterprises, Manusonic Inc., Tracy Inc., TreeRing Workforce Solutions, Paychex, SimplyWork, and VCS have incorporated the iT100 into their operations.
– How the iT100 can be customized to meet the business need of any organization via the open Android platform and hundreds of existing system integrations.

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