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Amazon, Inc., doing business as Amazon, is a multinational technology company focusing in e-commerce, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence. Its easy-to-use Rekognition API allows you to automatically identify objects, people, text, scenes, and activities, as well as detect any inappropriate content. Developers can quickly build a searchable content library to optimize media workflows, enrich recommendation engines by extracting text in images, or integrate secondary authentication into existing applications to enhance end-user security. With a wide variety of use cases, Amazon Rekognition enables you to easily add the benefits of computer vision to your business.

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Biometric privacy claim against Pindrop and Amazon dismissed for lack of jurisdiction

Amazon and Pindrop did not violate biometric privacy law in Illinois by capturing data for voice recognition from people when…

Sep 15, 2020

Amazon and Microsoft move for dismissal of biometric privacy suit, arguing no jurisdiction for training data

Illinois’ biometric privacy law does not apply to conduct out of state and therefore suits against Amazon and Microsoft over…

Sep 11, 2020

StoneLock GM discusses privacy features in biometric property technology as market heats up

The market for face biometrics as part of “property technology” or “proptech” is heating up, with new solutions, deployments, and…

Aug 31, 2020

Biometrics at home – how smart will the smart home get?

Rapid advancements in chip designs along with algorithms for biometric voice and facial recognition are expanding the boundaries of what…

Jul 15, 2020

Facial biometrics training dataset leads to BIPA lawsuits against Amazon, Alphabet and Microsoft

Despite being conceived of as a way to make biometric facial recognition more equitable, IBM’s Diversity in Faces is continuing…

Jun 22, 2020

AWS and Pindrop named in voice biometric data privacy lawsuit as cases test liability limits

Plaintiffs in a biometric data privacy suit say Amazon Web Services’ call center operations fall under the jurisdiction of state…

Jun 18, 2020

U.S. Congress member welcomes AWS’s facial recognition moratorium, demands further explanations

U.S. Member of Congress Jimmy Gomez has written a letter to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos applauding the decision to implement…

Jun 15, 2020

Some surprising questions, fewer insights after Deepfake Detection Challenge

Few if any unique or actionable insights have resulted from a lengthy contest created by Facebook to defang deepfake content,…

Jun 11, 2020

Amazon pauses sale of facial biometrics to police while advocates push Microsoft and Ring to follow

Amazon has put a one-year moratorium on direct sales of its biometric facial recognition service to law enforcement to allow for…

May 28, 2020

Facial biometrics study suggests Amazon performance unchanged as Microsoft launches antibias tool

Comparitech has released a report on biometric bias in Amazon’s facial recognition offering, similar to previous reports from the ACLU comparing…

May 21, 2020

Amazon launches low-key campaign to derail Portland face-scanning law

Independent news reporting indicates that Amazon is spending money to defeat proposed Portland, Oregon legislation that would ban all use…

May 7, 2020

DHS’s biometric advanced recognition technology system begins road to the cloud

The Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Homeland Advanced Recognition Technology System (HART), which is replacing DHS’s legacy Automated Biometric Identification…

Apr 29, 2020

Amazon places $10M order for thermal cameras with biometric capabilities from Dahua

Dahua has continued to find customers for its biometric facial recognition cameras despite being restricted from U.S. government contracts by…

Apr 24, 2020

Ring denies considering adding object, license plate and facial recognition to home security system

Ring has responded to a report on a confidential survey sent to beta testers and shared with Ars Technica, denying…

Mar 2, 2020

Tech giants pressured to follow Google in removing gender labels from computer vision services

Google’s move to eliminate gender labels from its artificial intelligence-powered computer vision services has put pressure on Microsoft, Amazon, and…

Feb 27, 2020

Zwipe and Thales earnings plus Goodix and Amazon in biometrics stocks news

Zwipe has reported revenues of NOK 1.5 million (US$160,000 ) in full-year 2019, as it switches to a focus on…

Feb 20, 2020

AWS executive says no misuse of its face biometrics by police, talks foreign government sales

Andy Jassy, Amazon Web Services CEO, would have no problem selling the company’s facial recognition software Rekognition to law enforcement…

Jan 20, 2020

Amazon considers palm biometrics for touchless in-store payments, tests terminal transactions with Visa

Amazon is working on linking users’ hands to credit card information to enable palm biometric payments at checkout terminals, reports…

Jan 15, 2020

Auto biometrics market projected for massive growth as industry players demo new technology

The global market for biometrics in automotive access applications, while still developing, will go through a massive growth period from…

Dec 30, 2019

Amazon files patent for touchless scanning system, Apple, Mad Systems patent biometric hailing/alert system, facial recognition locator

Amazon Go or Whole Foods shoppers may in the future be identified by their hands, according to a patent published…

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