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Amazon, Inc., doing business as Amazon, is a multinational technology company focusing in e-commerce, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence. Its easy-to-use Rekognition API allows you to automatically identify objects, people, text, scenes, and activities, as well as detect any inappropriate content. Developers can quickly build a searchable content library to optimize media workflows, enrich recommendation engines by extracting text in images, or integrate secondary authentication into existing applications to enhance end-user security. With a wide variety of use cases, Amazon Rekognition enables you to easily add the benefits of computer vision to your business.

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Group of researchers calls for Amazon to stop selling biometric Rekognition to law enforcement

A group of 26 “concerned researchers” have called for Amazon to stop providing its biometric Rekognition service to law enforcement…

Apr 2, 2019SEC ruling sets up potential legal clash between Amazon and shareholders over biometric sales
Apr 1, 2019Tech giants and civil society seek to institutionalize AI ethics
Mar 29, 2019Amazon develops technology for removing identifying information from medical images
Mar 19, 2019Amazon launches accuracy enhancements to face analysis features of Rekognition
Mar 19, 2019Facial recognition mostly used by Washington County police to investigate minor crimes
Mar 6, 2019Little overlap between NIST facial recognition testing leaders and U.S. government providers
Feb 19, 2019Amazon patents describe biometric user authentication and video tracking system
Feb 7, 2019Amazon proposes guidelines for responsible use of facial recognition
Feb 5, 2019Partnership could soon give Florida police access to residential cameras with facial recognition
Feb 4, 2019Buolamwini responds to Amazon as police admit facial recognition recommendations not followed
Jan 28, 2019Amazon finds zero false positives in Rekognition testing and takes issue with bias report
Jan 21, 2019Amazon files patent for replay attack detection method to protect voice authentication
Jan 17, 2019Amazon shareholder proposal requests civil rights review before selling facial recognition tech
Jan 16, 2019Large coalition of groups calls on tech giants to commit to no facial biometrics for government

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