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BioSec Group Ltd.

BioSec Group Ltd. is specialised to develop biometric access control and IT Security solutions based on palm vein recognition. Additionally we are specialized in mass identification, as in e.g. soccer stadiums.

BioSec Group Ltd. Biometrics News


BioSec’s palm vein biometrics for access control installed at German construction site

In partnership with IT security company Secobit, BioSec Group’s biometric physical access control system GateKeeper has been rolled out at…

Apr 17, 2020

BioSec adds body temperature detection to vein biometric access control system

BioSec has upgraded its BS GateKeeper biometric physical access control system with a third party body temperature detection tool. The…

Feb 27, 2020

BioSec enters biometric tech partnership with Assa Abloy access control subsidiary

BioSec has entered a technological partnership with Assa Abloy subsidiary Seawing to develop integrated biometric solutions for access control, by…

Dec 2, 2019

Fujitsu palm vein recognition integrated in new biometric access control offerings from Recogtech and BioSec

Highly-secure palm vein biometrics from Recogtech has been integrated with Nedap Security Management’s AEOS access control system under a new…

Nov 7, 2019

BioSec demonstrates biometric palm-vein recognition solution at Fujitsu Forum Munich

In partnership with Japanese tech company Fujitsu, Budapest-based biometrics company BioSec Group showcased the biometric PalmSecure product line, dubbed Fujitsu…

Sep 12, 2019

Facial recognition for biometric access control at Olympics and FIFA World Cup

Intel will power NEC’s NeoFace biometric facial recognition system for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics with Intel Core i5 processors and…

Jul 17, 2019

Fujitsu launches new line of biometric palm vein solutions

Fujitsu has launched a new range of biometric security solutions based on its PalmSecure product line, which features technology from…

Mar 5, 2019

BioSec solution to alleviate data storage security concerns

BioSec Group announced today the development of “template on phone” solution that will store users’ biometric palm vein template on…

Nov 27, 2018

BioSec developing biometric fast lane solution for events

BioSec Group announced today it is developing a biometric vein-based fast lane solution for events of all sizes that can…

Nov 19, 2018

BioSec and Fujitsu demonstrating biometric stadium security solution at Arena Summit

Hungarian security company BioSec and its technology partner Fujitsu will demonstrate an interactive stadium security concept based on biometric palm…

Oct 4, 2018

BioSec introduces biometric voting solution

BioSec Group today introduced its new biometric voting solution. BS PalmVote replaces traditional identifiers with palm vein recognition and is…

Aug 1, 2018

BioSec introduces biometric palm vein solution to secure large events

BioSec has developed a rapid deployment biometric authentication solution for securing large events. BS RapidGuard uses palm vein recognition to…

Jul 10, 2018

BioSec adds new access control device to its modular product line

BioSec has added a new device to its ‘Triple’ product line of modular biometric access control terminals for indoor environments….

Jul 5, 2018

BioSec introduces 3-in-1 biometric device

BioSec has introduced a new biometric access control terminal based on palm vein recognition for indoor environments. The new BS…

Mar 4, 2018

BioSec to use Fujitsu processors in palm vein products

BioSec Group will use Fujitsu micro PCs to improve the flexibility of its biometric physical access control systems, starting in…

Feb 14, 2018

BioSec marketing tool is a biometric game for PCs

BioSec Group has revealed an innovative marketing tool, a biometric game for PCs called BS Palm Pong. Based on the…

Oct 19, 2017

BioSec launches biometric workforce management solution

Hungarian biometrics solutions firm BioSec Group has launched a palm vein recognition-based workforce management solution. BS Talent+ is suitable for…

Oct 2, 2017

BioSec authentication solution integrates with Honeywell WIN-PAK security platform

BioSec Group Ltd. has integrated its biometric palm vein authentication solution with Honeywell’s WIN-PAK access control system. According to a…

Sep 1, 2017

BioSec, Fujitsu team up to provide palm vein recognition to EMEIA

Fujitsu has partnered with biometrics firm BioSec Group Ltd. in an effort to deliver the new generation of biometric palm…

Aug 15, 2017

BioSec intros biometric palm vein login with Active Directory interface

BioSec Group Ltd. has introduced BS Login, a biometric palm vein recognition login solution that protects PCs from unauthorized access…

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