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Detected is a London-based KYB fintech that provides frictionless global business onboarding. Detected, which was founded in July 2020, uses a unique algorithm which utilises over 1,700 data sources to create a detailed and accurate profile of any business in the world. It supplements this with information that can be added by the business that is being onboarded. In doing so, Detected enables a frictionless, almost instant, onboarding process. Since its founding, Detected has raised a total of £6 million.

Detected Biometrics News


GBG, Detected partner on automated biometric KYB checks

In response to the challenges posed by time-consuming and manual intervention in traditional know your business (KYB) processes, GBG has…

Mar 15, 2023

UK and Irish KYB shops breaking into US market

In one of the safer industry predictions, an Indian consulting company has said the market for regulation-related software is going…

Jan 13, 2023

Selfie biometrics deployed for KYC, hotel check-ins and Microsoft Teams

YooniK joined forces with Host Hotel Systems to bring biometrics to the hospitality sector and iDenfy with Primo Dialler to…

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