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Website: idakto.fr

iDAKTO gathered complementary talents from IAM, cybersecurity and online payment sectors to create a universal trusted platform, providing digital identity services that can be used on a national scale. Digital enthusiasts, we create secure exchange solutions between people, services, and objects, that respect the privacy of each citizen.

iDAKTO Biometrics News


Biometrics, digital ID companies make strong showing at ID4Africa 2022

While business during the ID4Africa 2022 Augmented General Meeting was being conducted in plenary halls and workshop rooms, the exhibition…

Apr 28, 2022

France announces user-controlled mobile digital identity app for use with national ID

France announces a new system for proving digital identity via a smartphone, while formally discontinuing the ill-fated Alicem app of 2019….

Jul 23, 2021

France chooses contractors for digital ID scheme management

The French Ministry of the Interior has chosen four firms to develop the management system for its digital identity scheme:…

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