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Biometrics, digital ID companies make strong showing at ID4Africa 2022

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Biometrics, digital ID companies make strong showing at ID4Africa 2022

While business during the ID4Africa 2022 Augmented General Meeting was being conducted in plenary halls and workshop rooms, the exhibition arena was likewise busy with companies providing digital identity and biometrics solutions displaying and demonstrating their products. They were a mix of multinational, regional and local companies.

Installed in booths for the two days of the event and with on-site officials to welcome visitors, many of the companies offering different solutions on digital ID and biometrics-related aspects were in Marrakesh to unveil new integrations, products and services, while others showcased existing ones to find connections for new partnerships and market in-routes.

In keeping with the general themes of the international event, the booths were largely dedicated to either solutions for biometric enrollment and ID issuance, as in the case of BioRugged, Idemia and Veridos, or application-specific solutions such as for elections, border control, or birth registration, including Thales, Travizory, Laxton, iDakto and Prooftag. New products were also released with biometric technologies from Integrated Biometrics, Jenetric and Credence.

Different Integrated Biometrics scanner in new Akiyama portable solution

The Vero Match biometric capture solution from Akiyama, featuring Integrated Biometrics’ Five-O fingerprint scanner, was launched at ID4Africa 2022 to expand on the portable solution first developed for Brazilian police in 2018 with Kojak scanners.

The new solution includes a smartphone, IB’s fingerprint scanner, and Idemia’s Automated Biometric Identification System (ABIS) for fast biometrics processing in congested environments such as immigration controls and police checkpoints, according to the announcement.

“Its unique configuration and size, along with Five-0’s ruggedness, low power consumption and usability make VERO MATCH one of the market’s most flexible products,” says David Gerulski, EVP, Integrated Biometrics. “We are pleased to be an integral part of this distinctive solution.”

BioRugged displays Marque 5.1 enrollment device

A constant exhibitor at ID4Africa events is mobile biometrics provider BioRugged, which displayed its products at two stands. The solutions and services included biometric terminals and enrollment devices; KYC and registration solutions; iris, behavioral and voice biometrics solutions as well as turnkey ID, census and driver’s license solutions.

A new device dubbed the Marque 5.1 was prominently featured. Officials at the stand explained that this is a desktop solution visitor enrollment system which includes a dual fingerprint scanner, sign pad, and NFC/MIFARE camera to capture high resolution images of face and documents. The 5-in-1 device can be connected to any windows10 computer or compliant Android terminal for mobile enrollment. The Marque-Bio 10 and Mark 3 kits were also displayed.

BioRugged announced in May it met MOSIP compliance for its Face Camera biometric system.

Thales’ election suite attracts

Among the solutions and products put on display by Thales was its end-to-end biometric Election Suite. This is a system which can be used by governments to organize smooth elections. The company says it can be useful from the voter registration stage, through voter identification, voter management and voter verification. An on-site official of the company said the company is pitching the solution to countries in Africa where a number of polls are lined up.

Other products and services for civil identity displayed included Thales ID Wallet and its range of biometric scanners including the Thales Cogent Multifinger Scanner CS500f, Cogent Iris Scanner CIS-202, and Cogent Fingerprint Scanner CSD101i, as well as its other MOSIP-integrated ecosystem products.

Idemia’s biometric enrollment products

Visitors of the Idemia stand were introduced to a wide range of the company’s enrollment products used to establish attributes for identity credentials. This includes the IDstudio for high-quality ID photos, and the Universal Portal System, which is the unique access point to digital government services.

Ismail Chraibi, director general of Idemia Morocco and director general of the Maghreb, explained the functioning of its IDway solution, also on display, to manage population identity. Some of the physical and digital ID credentials such as ID cards, passports, driver’s licenses and the Mobile ID produced by the company for different countries were also on display.

Laxton exhibits biometric devices

Several biometric devices from Laxton group, another sponsor of ID4Africa 2022, were presented in their exhibition booth. They included handheld, tablets, desktops, biometric kits and kiosks.

Kais Ben Amor, the company’s business development manager for Arabic and French Africa said it was a pleasure to be around again at the ID4Africa exhibition after a three-year hiatus. He admitted the booth received a good number of visitors throughout the two days of the exhibition.

Laxton solutions for election management, identity management and security were all on display.

Travizory demos frictionless border solution

Border biometrics company Travizory also had time to demonstrate how its frictionless biometrics border solution currently deployed in the Seychelles can be used.  The company’s Co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer Ygor Lutz explained that the Visitor Management Platform (VMP) can be used to verify health certificates and vet travelers, ensures issuance of secure traveler ID and that only approved individuals can travel, facilitate contactless and paperless border crossings, map visitors during their stay in the country, and also collect real-time and actionable intelligence.

Veridos brings VeriDNA biometric solution to the fore

The flagship product on display for Veridos was the VeriDNA, the company’s next generation biometric identification system, which was recently unveiled at the 2022 World Police Summit.

Stefan Sauter, senior product manager, business line verification, who was on-site, explained how the VeriDNA system works. The DNA-based biometric solution is an automated and straightforward system which can generate an individual DNA ID in a few fast and easy steps.

The system can be used to know visitors, help in the preservation of law and order, help in forensic trails as well as for citizen identification by governments.

iDakto’s IAM products present

The company’s Identity and Access Management solutions for sovereign digital identity were on display. Built on a traditional of digital trust, iDakto develops solutions that provide secure digital identity verification, protecting user’s personal data and privacy, for easier and faster access to online services.

Its iDCluster solution was also exhibited. This is a solution that helps build digital identity platforms that are simple to use, secure and sovereign. Onsite staff also talked to visitors about their solutions in authentication, identification, cyber security, and data security, among others.

Jenetric expands Livetouch fingerprint scanner line

Jenetric expanded its Livetouch product line with the new Livetouch Duo, a highly compact FAP 45 dual fingerprint scanner.

The Livetouch Duo features optical thin film transistor (TFT) technology for forensic image quality, and integrated encryption for secure transmission, in what the company calls a super-compact and lightweight form factor with very low power consumption.

“We have years of experience with TFT technology so we can offer a two-finger scanner that provides the same scratch resistance and robustness as our FAP 60 devices,” says Roberto Wolfer, CEO of Jenetric GmbH. “The scanner has an additional protective glass and is protected all around against water and dust according to IP65.”

Credence ID launches lower-cost multimodal terminal

Credence launched the Credence-3 ID enrollment and verification terminal at ID4Africa to deliver multimodal biometric capabilities at a lower cost.

The Credence-3 provides FBI PIV certified FAP 30 fingerprinting with a Danno scanner from IB, as well as a contact and contactless NFC card reader, a 13 MP camera, a 5.5-inch touchscreen, and a battery the company says can last 12 hours in real-world conditions. It comes loaded with Android 11 and meets U.S. military durability specification 810G for operation in tough environments.

“After launching CredenceECO earlier this year, we are very proud to now add this FAP 30 platform for customers that need a larger enrollment quality fingerprint scanner such as law enforcement, security, and public safety agencies,” states Bruce Hanson, president and CEO of Credence ID. “The Credence-3 was developed to address the growing need for a cost-effective platform that could be both physically rugged as well as open in terms of available software and algorithms.”

Prooftag showcases document security solution

France-based security solutions company Prooftag showcased its security and trace-and-track solutions for brands and governments. The company Chief Executive Officer Clément Kaiser said they were at ID4Africa purposely to showcase their document security solutions, and also an innovative product dubbed iCivil – a solution for Civil Registration and Vital Statistics Systems (CRVS).

The solution which has a bubble code to prevent fraud, he explained, is based on a secure authentication element which is produced by Prooftag, and used to register children at birth in real-time.

He said such information so registered is centralized through an encrypted SMS, which is used because of internet connectivity issues faced by most African countries where the solution is designed to be deployed. Cards issued after the birth information registration process can then be used to obtain a birth certificate of the child.

Kaiser said the iCivil CVRS solution is being used for civil registration in Burkina Faso, and it has also been rolled out in Chad. “We are looking forward to entering new African markets with our solution, why not in Cameroon?” he remarked.

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