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IriTech, Inc.

Website: iritech.com

IriTech is advancing iris recognition technology through the superior accuracy of our software libraries and affordable performance of our embedded camera hardware. Our software and hardware products are foundational for identity assurance and contribute to the security and safety of humankind. Independent US government testing (NIST IREX I) has validated the superior performance of IriTech’s unique and patented iris recognition algorithm. Many government agencies, device manufacturers, and system integrators have already discovered our enabling power.

IriTech, Inc. Biometrics News


IriTech and partners unveil decentralized wallet with iris biometrics

A trio of companies have completed a proof of concept (POC) for a decentralized ID (DID) smartphone wallet secured with…

Sep 1, 2022

IriTech ‘open for exploration’ via investment or sale

IriTech confirms that it is seeking partnership or investment for its hardware and software products. The U.S.-based firm develops iris…

Aug 26, 2022

Iris biometric technology up for sale appears to be IriTech’s

A notice from a California-based mergers and acquisition agency seeks investment in or the sale of patented biometric identity technology…

Aug 3, 2022

IriTech and IBCT partner with two more companies on biometric data hubs

IriTech and its partner, the South Korean Institute of Blockchain Technology (IBCT), are teaming with ID vendor Integra Micro Systems…

Jul 22, 2022

Iris biometrics integrated with DIDH for ‘most secured’ data system for blockchain, metaverse

Iris biometrics specialist IriTech and fellow South Korean firm Institute of Blockchain Technology (IBCT), which specializes in decentralized data platforms…

Sep 14, 2021

IriTech and Partron partner on iris biometrics for mixed reality applications

IriTech and electronic component provider Partron Co. Ltd. have announced a new partnership that will focus on the development of…

Sep 2, 2021

Sri Lanka biometrics pilot project awarded to IriTech after MOSIP self-compliance test

IriTech has announced that it has successfully completed a self-compliance program on its IriSentinel iris biometric scanner device based on…

Sep 8, 2020

Competition results show iris biometric liveness detection a work in progress

The 2020 edition of the Iris Liveness Detection competition (LivDet-Iris) has been held, with significant increases in difficulty resulting in…

Nov 28, 2019

IriTech targets online transaction security with iris biometrics-based encryption

IriTech has announced the development of secure ID management for blockchain applications based on biometric iris recognition. The company notes…

Oct 21, 2019

New approaches and technologies to fulfill the online security promise of biometrics

Biometrics are often associated with strong security both in the public consciousness and within the industry. Part of the reason…

Mar 7, 2019

IriTech’s IriSafe partners with GoChain to develop biometric blockchain solutions

Distributed ledger company GoChain has partnered with IriSafe, a collaboration between IriTech and Blockchain Industries Inc., to jointly develop blockchain-based…

Sep 25, 2018

IriTech iris biometrics to provide account and transaction security for cryptocurrency startup Gigzi

Blockchain-based financial system startup Gigzi has announced a partnership with IriTech to secure customer account access through iris recognition technology….

Aug 1, 2017

IriTech wins Frost & Sullivan’s best new product innovation award

Frost & Sullivan has recognized IriTech, Inc. with the 2017 North American Frost & Sullivan Award for ‘New Product Innovation’,…

Jun 26, 2017

IriTech, HD Barcode to demo iris verification ID card solution at MWC Shanghai

IriTech and barcode technology provider HD Barcode will demonstrate their iris verification ID card solution, HD IrisCheck, at Mobile World…

May 24, 2017

HD Barcode, IriTech to release iris verification ID card solution

HD Barcode has partnered with Iritech to introduce HD IrisCheck, which they claim is the world’s first ID card with…

Feb 22, 2017

IriTech, Egistec sign co-promotion deal to target mobile device and VR/AR manufacturers

IriTech, Inc. has entered a co-promotion agreement with fingerprint sensor developer Egis Technology Inc., which is expected to create more…

Dec 8, 2016

InFocus to launch smartphone with IriTech iris scanner

InFocus will soon release a new Aadhaar authentication-enabled smartphone equipped with an IriTech iris scanner, in India, according to a…

Aug 3, 2016

IriTech showcasing how biometric security solutions can ensure child safety

IriTech will be sponsoring the Kids Personal Safety Event organized by Safe Kidz in Kenya at the end of August…

Jun 29, 2016

Umanick to promote IriTech iris recognition healthcare app in Spain

Following a successful pilot of IriTech’s iris mobile solution, Umanick will promote the biometric ID app to penetrate the biometric…

Feb 23, 2016

Heptagon demonstrating mobile iris recognition with IriTech at MWC 2016

Heptagon has partnered with IriTech to demonstrate a mobile iris recognition solution at the Heptagon booth during Mobile World Congress…

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