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PeasyPay’s payment method lets you to pay easily and quickly without the need to take cash, your bank card, or your mobile with you. Enjoy this cutting edge technology and have a premium payment experience whether you are in a shop, a café, a restaurant, or a sports center. PeasyPay uses biometrics, a combination of facial recognition and palm print verification.

For merchants, face and palm recognition checkout terminals enable reliable biometric identification of customers, so they won’t need to carry cash or cards. All they need to do is to register with the mobile app and then just smile at the terminal. After deployment, customers will be able to pay just with their face and wave of their hands.

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PeasyPay launches biometric payment system, NTT facial recognition payments trialed on self-driving buses

A biometric payment system using facial and palm recognition has been launched by startup PeasyPay in Hungary to provide GDPR-compliant in-store…

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