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SensibleVision’s patented face authentication and continuous security technology helps banks, technology companies and other organizations reduce fraud. Our flagship product, FastAccess and 3DVerify, offer quick and continuous authentication and access control for computers, tablets, smartphones, and mobile apps. Our continuous face recognition solution instantly verifies users and ensures that only the right people have access to information without affecting the user experience.

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Inuitive, SensibleVision release low latency 3D biometric facial recognition tech

Inuitive has partnered with SensibleVision to deliver contactless, low latency 3D biometric facial recognition for a seamless customer experience during…

May 6, 2020Look Ma—No Hands! How biometrics will drive the post-COVID technology world
Aug 9, 2019New biometric technologies and old controversies top this week’s biometrics and digital ID news
Mar 20, 2019SensibleVision’s new SVP to focus on 3D AI-based authentication market in Asia
Mar 7, 2019SensibleVision develops 3D facial biometric service for agricultural facilities
Nov 13, 2018Biometric retail technology is ready for its close-up; but are shoppers ready for it?
Sep 13, 2018SensibleVision brings its mobile face authentication solution to India
Jul 25, 2018SensibleVision CEO George Brostoff criticizes Microsoft call for facial recognition regulation
Jun 20, 2018SensibleVision launches 3D facial recognition payment system to replace cash and cards
Jun 13, 2018Facial recognition: separating the hype from the reality with SensibleVision CEO George Brostoff
Apr 16, 2018SensibleVision introduces 3D face authentication for high-volume people identification
Mar 8, 2018View from Barcelona – my take on the Mobile World Congress 2018
Mar 6, 2018SensibleVision says racial bias not present in its facial recognition technology
Dec 14, 2017Get ready for neural networks in your pocket
Jun 7, 2017SensibleVision releases facial recognition security technology with liveness detection

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Look Ma—No Hands! How biometrics will drive the post-COVID technology world

This is a guest post by George Brostoff, CEO of SensibleVision. We live in a world of touch, and just…

View from Barcelona – my take on the Mobile World Congress 2018

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