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VoiceVault is a voice biometric solutions company delivering to the Financial Services and Healthcare industries. Our solutions provide security, convenience and compliance via smartphone apps, the web or through traditional telephony channels. Delivering via partners, our voice biometric solutions provide data and application access control; transaction authorization; identity verification; e-signature provision; and out of band authentication. Biometric voice-based solutions enable business processes to dispense with knowledge-based authentication (something you know – like a PIN or password) or device-based authentication (something you have – a one-time password token device for example) and replace them with something you are – the sound of your voice.

VoiceVault Biometrics News


VoiceVault enters administration to sell off business and voice biometric assets

Voice biometrics provider VoiceVault has been taken over by administrators and will sell off its business and assets, Computer Business…

Jun 6, 2017

VoiceVault releases new version of voice biometric engine

VoiceVault has released VoiceVault Fusion 9, the latest version of the company’s core, proprietary voice biometric engine. VoiceVault Fusion 9…

Oct 27, 2015

Biometrics firms exhibit payment and financial services solutions at Money20/20

Several technology companies are showcasing biometric technologies for payments and financial services at Money20/20, held October 24-28 at the Venetian…

May 17, 2015

Biometrics for the blind, banking and border control hit big this week

Here’s a recap of most popular biometrics industry news that appeared on BiometricUpdate.com this past week. Voice and face In…

May 17, 2015

E-learning firm deploys VoiceVault mobile voice recognition solution: case study

VoiceVault recently published a case study that illustrates how it’s ViGo mobile voice recognition solution helped Texas-based e-learning firm Aceable…

May 12, 2015

SayPay Technologies, VoiceVault to deliver voice biometrics payments solutions

Payments start-up SayPay Technologies, Inc. has partnered with VoiceVault, Inc. to deliver online and mobile payment solutions. SayPay integrated its…

Apr 17, 2015

Enacomm, VoiceVault to discuss voice biometrics at PAYMENTS 2015 conference

Enacomm, Inc. announced that it will join identity verification solutions firm VoiceVault in a panel discussion at the PAYMENTS 2015…

Oct 30, 2014

VoiceVault partners with Enacomm to provide secure voice biometric authentication

Enacomm and VoiceVault announced they are partnering to deliver an easy, secure form of voice authentication that protects customers. VoiceVault’s…

Jul 8, 2014

VoiceVault to support Mandarin Chinese voice verification in mobile apps

VoiceVault announced it is now offering phrase-based voice verification in Mandarin Chinese. The announcement comes at a time where there…

Mar 24, 2014

VoiceVault launches voice biometric platform exclusively for mobile apps

VoiceVault has announced the launch of ViGo – an exclusively-mobile voice biometric platform. According to VoiceVault, ViGo is the first voice…

Feb 3, 2014

VoiceVault joins the FIDO Alliance

VoiceVault has just joined the FIDO Alliance as a part of its current mobile identity verification strategy. “We are delighted to join…

Aug 19, 2013

VoiceVault boasts expanded range of biometric deployment models

VoiceVault has announced that it now offers a complete range of voice biometric deployment models for private, public and hybrid cloud…

Jul 2, 2013

VoiceVault appoints Tim Furnell as CTO

Voice Vault has just announced the appointment of Tim Furnell as the company’s new Chief Technology Officer. “We’re delighted to have…

Jun 25, 2013

GEO Semiconductor, SpeechFX and VoiceVault launch biometric home automation solution

GEO Semiconductor, SpeechFX and VoiceVault have just launched Granta, something the group says is the net generation of smart home automation technology….

Apr 16, 2013

VoiceVault launches financial services mobile app

VoiceVault has just announced the launch of an app in 40 countries by a top three global US financial institution, leveraging…

Mar 8, 2013

VoiceVault announces language-independent passphrase authentication

VoiceVault has just announced its latest generation of voice biometric identification solution, which now sports language-independent personalized passphrase modes. According to…

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