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Biometric Update regularly writes news about adversarial attack. The following list of links is available to assist you with finding biometrics news concerning adversarial attack. Additional tags may be perused by accessing our comprehensive Biometrics Topics list.


Def Con contest pits hackers against facial recognition systems

A new contest was announced at the hacker convention Def Con in Las Vegas, pitting teams against each other as…


New adversarial mask designs evade facial recognition systems

Fabric face masks covering the nose and mouth and printed with adversarial patterns evade facial recognition systems more than 96…


Researchers improve algorithms’ robustness for biometrics, image recognition applications

Artificial intelligence is not only about pattern recognition accuracy. Algorithms need to be able to encounter problems and keep going….


Workshop showcases EU progress on remote identity proofing, but fragmentation persists

The legal, technical, and user requirements for remote digital identity proofing are sometimes contradictory, but must be navigated by service…


Attacks, countermeasures and pulses of blood in remote identity proofing

The EU has produced a surprisingly readable summary of the status quo and future possibilities for remote identity proofing, from…


Adversarial image attacks could spawn new biometric presentation attacks

New research  conducted by the University of Adelaide, South Australia, and spotted by Unite.AI has unveiled new security risks connected…


Image-modifying attacks can be foiled, making facial recognition more reliable — researchers

An AI training technique effective at thwarting adversarial attacks that could have fatal results in autonomous vehicles also makes it…


‘Red Teaming’ approach to biometric spoof attack detection testing discussed by BixeLab

A workshop held by BixeLab presents an alternative to ISO standards-based biometric system testing focussed on defeating spoof attacks, but…


Google researchers create universal adversarial image patches to defeat AI object recognition

A team of Google researchers has developed a way to defeat AI-based image recognition systems with adversarial images that can…

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