Canadian banks suggest biometrics and federated ID to support digital economy

Canada needs to create a digital identification system leveraging new technologies like biometrics, blockchain, and live video document review to…


Canada expands biometrics screening program to more foreign nationals

As of today all nationals from countries in Europe, Africa and the Middle East are required to provide fingerprints and…


Canada turns to biometric voiceprint tech to monitor refugee claimants

In an effort to keep fewer people in immigration detention while upholding public safety and national security, the Canada Border…


Lawyers say Canadian biometrics collection for travelers could cause delays and privacy issues

Canadian lawyers are warning that the country’s new biometric collection requirements for travelers could create delays and that the sharing…


Canada opens new biometric collection locations for foreign visitors

Canada will expand the number of Visa Application Centers (VACs) it operates around the world from 137 in 95 countries…


Canada will make foreign visitors pay for biometrics collection

Details have emerged about the expansion of a program for collecting fingerprints and facial images from foreign nationals visiting Canada,…


Canada to expand biometrics collection for visitors

Canada’s Ministry of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship has unveiled plans to require all visitors to the country except for U.S….


Canada to pilot Known Traveler Digital Identity prototype

The Government of Canada has announced it will launch a pilot for the new Known Traveller Digital Identity prototype, in…


Inner city bank leverages biometric technology to make banking more accessible

ATB Financial and Boyle Street Community Services have partnered to form community agency Four Directions Financial, which leverages biometric identification…


Canada’s government coordinating biometric efforts

Canadian government agencies and police are coordinating the development of their biometric capabilities, according to a report published in Motherboard….

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