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Biometric Update regularly releases news related to the term "ID30." The following list of links is available to help you find biometrics news regarding "ID30" and other relevant terms. More topics may be perused by accessing our entire Biometrics Topics list.


Authlete, Fourthline, Prove, Entrust onboard new digital ID, cybersecurity expertise

Four players in the digital identity and biometrics space, Authlete, Fourthline, Prove and Entrust have announced the arrival of new…


‘Being open’ for achieving global interoperability in digital public infrastructure

By Jaume Dubois,  CEO of ID30 In a digital world that connects everyone for everything, establishing global interoperability across entities,…


GovStack spec launches. Aimed at nations short on development resources

An initiative created to help governments with few resources digitize their services, has launched its framework version 1 and is…


Outcome of public digital infrastructures should be social before being economical

Jaume Dubois, Senior consultant at ID30, previously former SVP Product and Projects at Gemalto, Thales and Laxton, explains its vision…

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