Google uses revamped Nexus 5 with fingerprint scanner to demonstrate Android Pay

June 2, 2015 - 

Google has posted a new video in which product manager Maya Ben-Ari uses a Nexus 5 smartphone to demonstrate some of the new Android M features, such as its fingerprint scanning for its upcoming Android Pay service, according to a report by Phandroid.

Since there is currently no Nexus device that features a fingerprint reader, Google retrofitted a Nexus 5 smartphone with a fingerprint reader, which may or may not be a hint that the company will release a revamped version of the phone later this year.

There have been several rumors as of late that Google is planning to release both a 5.2-inch and 5.7-inch Nexus models later this year.

Throughout the video, Ben-Ari discusses how Android M has introduced fingerprint and payments APIs to improve the overall user experience and security for online purchasing, banking, and retail payments.

The Fingerprint Manager API allows apps to authenticate users via their fingerprint – when available — and receive an authentication callback from the sensor once a finger has been detected.

Additionally, the Confirm Device Credential API allows apps to create a hardware bound cryptographic objects and connect those to lock the screen.

Previously reported, Fingerprint Cards (FPC) has supported Google in the development of fingerprint sensor technology as part of the Android M Developer Preview taking place at this week’s Google I/O, while its shares saw record high prices.

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