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Biometric Update regularly authors posts regarding the term "Google." The following list of links is available to assist you with finding biometrics news related to "Google" and other relevant terms. Additional tags may be explored by accessing our entire Biometrics Topics list.


Having slayed Samsung in patent dispute, biometrics firm targets Google, Microsoft

A little-known company has filed two infringement lawsuits one each for Google and Microsoft claiming they stole intellectual property underlying…


Google introduces passkey sign-in with farewell note to passwords

As of May 3, 2023, Google users can opt to secure their accounts using passkeys rather than passwords, according to…


Here in my car, I can listen to you: voice assistants make noise in the automotive sector

A world in which people talk to their cars is getting ever closer, as automakers and artificial intelligence (AI) firms…


cetecom advanced accredited for Android biometric standards testing

Smartcard testing and certification service provider cetecom advanced has been accredited as a Google partner for Android Biometric Security Testing….


Chrome Password Manager now supports face, fingerprint biometric security

Google has announced several new security features to the Chrome browser, including one to enable users to leverage a computer’s…


Locking incognito tabs with biometrics and pulling out a key ring to log on – new security

A couple advances in securing one’s data have been introduced, although one just does not feel like an advance. Google…


Google bashes Texas biometric law while another state proposes its own

Nothing is getting easier on the legal front for companies in the United States collecting the biometric identifiers. A lawsuit…


Next digital ID in US: Maryland tests Android app

Google’s first public step into digital U.S. state IDs will fall in Maryland, which was implied by the company in…


Biometrics patents for enrollment, learning variations and personalization granted, filed

NextgenID has been granted a patent on the Identity portal hardware and accompanying software that makes up its Trusted Identity…


Liveness detection may be coming to Apple, gesture recognition lives on for Google devices

Intellectual property protection claims by Apple for liveness detection with fingerprints or face biometrics have been published by the U.S….

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