Microsoft keyboard to feature built-in fingerprint reader for Windows Hello

May 23, 2017 - 

Microsoft is expected to release a Bluetooth wireless desktop keyboard with a built-in fingerprint identification reader, according to a report by MS Power User.

The Bluetooth SIG listing has been updated with the device now being named the “Microsoft Modern Keyboard with Fingerprint ID” and being described as a “BTLE Keyboard with Fingerprint enroll feature”.

The SIG listing appears to be the same device as the Microsoft C3K1780 keyboard, which received FCC certification in March.

In addition to the fingerprint reader, the keyboard will include a convenient USB wired mode, as well as use a rechargeable battery instead of AA batteries, according to the documentation.

Microsoft does not currently sell a desktop keyboard with a built-in fingerprint reader, however, this feature is available in several touch covers.

The keyboard with fingerprint reader would give provide users with access to Windows Hello without having to authenticate themselves with a Windows Hello camera.

The company may announce the new keyboard at its upcoming hardware event in China on May 23.

Microsoft noted in a January blog post that there are as many as 100 Windows devices and accessories across all platforms starting from laptops, all-in-ones, 2-in-1s, tablets, phones to peripheral devices to use with Windows Hello.

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