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E-gate System to Benefit Biometric Passport Holders


Dubai International Airport has launched a new Smart e-Gate system for the faster and more efficient flow of passengers. Smart e-Gate is a fast technology that captures and matches a passenger’s biometric and passport information in less than 15 seconds. The system works using high-accuracy camera for retinal scan and facial recognition and process such information in a record time of 12 to 14 seconds.

This is tagged as a “new era in passenger service” and it benefits the airport that is considered one of the fastest growing airports in the world. Smart e-Gate provides the highest standard of security in and around the airport’s entrances and exits thus resolving issues faced by high growth rates in terms of passenger numbers, fake passports and reduction of procedure completion time per passenger. For now, it is installed at Terminal 3 and will soon be installed across all immigration entry and exit points of the Dubai International Airport.

Major General Mohammed Al Merri, Head of Dubai General Directorate for Residency and Foreigners Affairs said Smart e-Gate is an ambitious and futuristic project and an important step towards encouraging the culture of e-travel. For the realization and success of the project, he recognized the support provided by Shaikh Ahmad Bin Saeed in making sure the project progressed smoothly. Likewise, he commended the team spirit, clear vision, and use of the state-of-the-art technologies. A two-month trial will be conducted before the technology will go into full-swing.

Brigadier General Obaid Sin Surour led the multi-specialized team that manages the project.

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