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Aisin Group develops Biometrics System to Reduce Traffic Accidents


One of Japan’s leading automotive parts manufacturers, Aisin Group, has developed a prototype of what it proposes to be the answer to reduce traffic accidents.

The technology is a monitoring and warning system for vehicles that utilizes biometric measurements in order to prevent traffic accidents and promote road safety.

The system includes a head-tracker which detects the face position of the driver. The head tracker’s camera also serves as an eye-tracker which detects whether the driver’s eyes are closed or not. An electric sensor that detects a person’s respiration and heart rate is also installed in the driver’s seat for additional health precautionary measures.

For instance, if the biometric system detects that the driver is not facing or looks away from the road or has closed his eyes quite long, the “Intelligent Transportation System” activates and says phrases, depending on the situation, including “Wake up”, “That’s dangerous”, and “Are you all right?”.

Furthermore, Aisin Group’s technology includes features such as an “outward camera” to detect blind spots, and has an object detector to warn the driver when the object is too close.

The Aisin Group’s developers are working on enhancements where the car can automatically pull over on its own in situations that the driver is unable to do so.

Despite the fact that biometrics technology has been greatly utilized for the past few years, this project is one of the first on its field.

In May, the Aisin Group showcased its technology at the 2012 Automotive Engineering Exposition in Yokohama City, Japan.

The Aisin Group specializes in automotive and life and energy related products.

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