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University Police implement Biometrics Access System


Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE) announced on Tuesday that it will be implementing a Biometrics Access System (BACSTM).

The announcement was made by LEID Products, LLC, which is one of the leaders in the world of locker and cabinet storage armed with biometric asset protection and control.

“The SIUE Police Department is excited about the purchase of the LEID Biometric Asset Control System,” said Gina Hays, Chief of Police, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. “We anticipate the benefits of accountability, maintenance, and security of police department equipment and believe this is the first step in our ability to streamline our asset management process.”

The biometric asset protection and control cabinets will be used by the university to store critical shared assets along with the BACS ID system kiosk. The kiosk is the access control point which enables one to gain entry to the stored assets.

The SIUE has its very own police department which is staffed by 39 officers. It keeps watch over two campuses that share a number of department assets. The campus police department wants tighter security on campus by focusing on the accountability of personnel for shared equipment, tracking equipment and other basic inventory issues. With the new cabinets, officers will have a place to store their Taser’s, radios, AED’s, cameras along with other department assets.

Cabinets are equipped with a rotary latch lock system that secures all front doors. This same type of system is what law enforcement agencies use to store weapons, night vision goggles, lasers, surveillance equipment and the like. Control of the system and the cabinet may be accessed remotely which gives administrators command of it, even if they are out of the building.

The purchase of the Biometric Access Control system allows for better accountability, maintenance and tighter security in guarding the police department’s equipment. This is essentially the department’s first step in improving how it handles and manages its assets.

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