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Prototype consumer camera to integrate eye-tracking biometrics


Every year, more and more technological advancements and breakthroughs are being conceptualised and developed. On such anticipated breakthrough is the “Iris Eye”.

The “Iris Eye” is a cutting-edge camera concept that was designed by Mimi Zou, a graduate from Royal College of Art, who studied innovation design engineering. The prototype aims to utilize eye-tracking technology combined with biometric detection to provide a flawless, efficient, and futuristic way for taking photos.

“When we are learning to use a camera we are really training ourselves to adapt to the product, and I believe it should also be the other way around,” said Mimi Zou. “Products should be more intelligent and they should have the ability to also adapt to us.”

Some of the features the camera showcases using the eye-tracking technology are zooming-in by squinting the user’s eye, zooming-out by opening the eyes, and taking a photo by just blinking twice. Instead of the classic LCD screen or viewfinder, the “Iris Eye” technology uses a digitalized surface that displays the aperture, the ISO settings, and the shutter speed.

The other part of this innovation is that it recognizes its user. The biometric detection components allows the “Iris Eye” to scan and determine its user’s identity for as long as the user has registered his or her biometric data through the camera’s software. After the camera identifies the user, it will automatically retrieve the previously created preferences of the user. In addition, the camera also has a proposed capability that will allow it to determine the subject and whether or not the user wants the photos to be submitted into specific locations such as Twitter or Facebook.

Are you excited or wary about the integration of biometrics into consumer electronic products such as cameras?

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