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Biometric attendance system introduced in Chandigarh


Chandigarh is the first territory in India to have all its students, teachers and health care workers register their attendance using biometric systems. The territory is composed of 250 villages that have both schools and community health centers known as Anganwadi. With the biometric registration, the students, teachers and workers’ attendance report are available online and can be accessed using a mobile phone.

Anganwadi is the Hindi term for “courtyard shelter”. The Indian government first introduced them in 1975 to provide basic services for children and to help them fight malnutrition and hunger. The centers have since expanded services to also include basic health care in small Indian villages. Anganwadi centers are part of the health care system of the Indian government and employs social workers and health care professionals.

The biometric registration system will first be implemented in Anganwadi centers and then subsequently in school campuses.

Will biometric technology in Anganwadi centers be a social welfare measurement tool, or a simply a workplace management system, or both?

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