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Biometric-based projector uses Microsoft Kinect


The Attjector system, developed by engineers at the University of Munich, is a shoulder-mounted technology that tracks movements made by a user’s hands and fingers.

The shoulder mounted behavioral biometric technology records how the user interacts with images projected by the system on a surface. The researchers developing the prototype hope that their device may someday be used for navigation and gaming and is currently refining the technology.

Attjector uses a Microsoft Kinect sensor and an Optoma PK 201 projector. The former analyzes and translates the movements made by the user while the latter projects an image onto a surface. Kinect’s unique ability to track a person’s hand position makes it an important part of the shoulder-mounted system.

The depth sensor, which is embedded into the Kinect, is made of an infrared laser projector and a monochrome CMOS sensor. Together these two capture motions and images and then translate them into 3-D data.

A gimbaled mount is used to hold the prototype in place along with an accelerometer, gyroscope and servo-motors. This allows the user to move freely while interacting with the software, which allows for natural user motion. The system is also convenient as it essentially takes away the burden of having to manually operate a projector mounted on a fixed object.

The Kinect sensor was initially developed as a motion detecting device for the Xbox 360 video gaming system. It is similar to a webcam-style add-on for the game console that allows player to interact with the game without needing to use a game controller.

The researchers at the university are hoping that the technology can be used in other devices and not just for gaming.

Will Microsoft’s Kinect technology be utilized for more biometric-based applications?

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