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Biometrics raises athletic performance at London Olympics


Sports scientists at the UK’s Loughborough University are building in new levels of customization to athletic shoes in a bid to improve performance of elite athletes.

Engineers have monitored the biometrics and geometry of an athlete’s foot to create a midsole which is designed to address any gait or soft tissue inefficiencies.

Sports scientists at Loughborough University using biometrics to improve performance of athletes

Loughborough’s Sports Technology Institute has also been helping British Olympians with their preparations for London 2012.

The Institute has pioneered new tracking devices for swimmers, which employ body-mounted gyroscopes and accelerometers in tandem with cameras and sensors around the pool to monitor body position, acceleration, speed and power. Swimmers have also been fitted with tiny tracking devices that allow coaches to review data about the efficiency of their swimming strokes.

The Institute has considerable experience of working closely with elite athletes through partnerships with sports governing bodies such as UK Sport, British Cycling and the England and Wales Cricket Board to name but a few.

As an innovation partner, the Institute provides its expertise and facilities to enable the analysis and enhancement of athletic performance and the optimization of sports equipment used at an elite level.

Are there ethical issues surrounding the optimization of sports equipment and its use in amateur sport?

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